Handsome groom married one meter tall bride, bridesmaids all high appearance level, net friend: where do I lose

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Handsome groom married one meter tall bride, bridesmaids all high appearance level, net friend: where do I lose?Love is an eternal topic, how much love to eat bitterness and bitterness.In modern times, people’s love has become a fast-food love, which comes and goes as fast as possible.It starts and ends on wechat.Break up also need not meet, notify each other on wechat this matter is over.It also makes young people wonder if there is still true love in this age.Love certainly exists, but it is a luxury that only a few people can have.Many people are still wrestling with their choice of love or bread, which is the same as children wrestling with whether to enter Tsinghua university or Peking University when they grow up.The reality is that most people can neither have love nor bread.The portraiture of most people is that they choose to marry and have children with a person of similar conditions.Recently, a wedding video has gone viral.In the video, a handsome groom comes to the bride’s home to meet her. The bride is about one meter tall and plain looking, so she is not a good match for the groom.Behind them was a group of highly attractive bridesmaids, each of whom was more beautiful than the bride, who invited these beautiful bridesmaids to make herself more ordinary.But the groom did not dislike the bride because of her height and appearance, but looked at his bride with a face of indulgence.Netizens wondered why they could not find such a handsome groom even though they were of the same height and appearance.Love is like this, it is not a handsome man with a beautiful woman in people’s eyes.You may be ordinary, but in the eyes of those who love you, you are unique in the world.Maybe true love is loving the soul through the skin.That day, the groom holding flowers to the bride’s home, when the groom appeared in the bride’s home, the bride’s relatives are kua handsome bridegroom, the bride good luck.The bride’s bridesmaids were also happy that the bride had found a good husband.The bride blushed when she saw the groom in a suit. She could finally marry the man she loved.Although there were plenty of bridesmaids in good shape in the bride’s room, the groom walked over to her without a second glance and gave her the flowers in his hand.The groom’s face was filled with a happy smile as he hugged the bride to be photographed.Some netizens said that the bride’s room was well decorated, and that the bride’s house must have been in good condition because so many beautiful bridesmaids were invited.She still can not quite believe that the groom to the bride is true love, now marriage pay attention to adaptation, two people should have what each other need.Another netizen said that if it were his son, he would never be allowed to marry this girl.Height is a handicap. I’m sure it’s inherited when you have kids.Call her unenlightened, but she still wants her son to marry a sane man.Others said she did not believe in fate before, but now.She was pretty and she met cheating men everywhere, men with a height defect who could still find a husband.Although the girl has a height defect, she must have unique advantages to attract such a handsome groom.The bride looks very simple. She should have a nice personality.Some netizens worry that their children will inherit their mothers’ height.The couple should think twice about having a baby and ask a doctor for advice.The world is also fair, giving you what you lack in height, but will make up for it elsewhere.Even if a person does not have a beautiful appearance, he must be able to attract people who understand him with an interesting soul.What do you think?Welcome to comment.