Rain is so poor that he can’t afford medicine. Park Bojian declares bankruptcy

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Seemingly colorful show business, there are always outsiders can not know behind the hard, many artists because of poor family and embrace the star dream, this list of 5 stars from the bitter, know that it is not easy to become famous sad, step by step to lay their own country, lay the circle standing position.Rain has been a singer for 20 years, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and his real estate is countless.Contrary to his magnificent experience, eat a lot of pain before debut, from small arms singer dream, but due to family circumstances underprivileged students failed to to play before long, three year effort to debut, but diabetic mother his condition deteriorated, his poor to connect all can’t afford it, only when the migrant workers in the morning, mother has been ill at the time, finally because miss golden age died on medical treatment.Rain, who was only 18 years old, was devastated by the sudden death of his mother. After that, he vowed to succeed. In 1999, after his idol group made its debut in a short period of one year and disbanded, He was recognized by Park Jin-young and officially joined JYP as a trainee.His rise to stardom across Asia, and the man who started the “single-eyelid boy” trend, is still standing today.Carved “boy toys” won bin and childe appearance is different, some village was born in gangwon, him against snake sustenance from when I was young, my parents are farmers commonly, with pepper and corn, and although his family is not good, is the village famous, outstanding looks, 20, his dream to be an actress, undertook to quench not afraid of the tiger’s momentum, from gangwon south of Seoul,He made a living delivering newspapers and working in a factory, and auditioned for a TV station in his spare time.May be growing environment, make won bin cautious personality, he since 2010 after starring film “uncle” promoted to a top actor, disappear in the theater circles, for a return to work, he thought for ten years or not as a result, during this period, he occasionally accept endorsements, on investment, lee na-young live a happy life with his wife.Dok2, a Korean hip hop singer, is famous for his reality Show “Show Me Money 3.” Although he grew up in a poor family, his parents’ restaurant went bankrupt in 2002 due to mad cow disease, and he went into debt to pay his employees.Despite his “iron spoon” life, he created a golden spoon by himself and became one of the top rappers in Korean hip-hop. He is known as a music prodigy, holding concerts and releasing songs.South Korean media reported in 2016 that the industry estimated his music production royalties at 1 billion won a year.Dok2 much-loved reasons, including to be candid personality, didn’t pay off debt has been caught parents, but he stands for parents to pay his debts, live hard choke “if you want money, just come to me”, domineering released home address, to the creditor shouts: “my family is here, my dad, my mom is here, there is discontent come to me.”He built his music career without his family.Popular actor PiaoBaoJian 2015 starred in “please answer 1988” one evening, become popular in the streets of actor, advertising and drama about receiving soft, however, he seems to be prosperous star road, behind in a while might actually be many tribulations, mother died when he was 4 grade, loans, in the name of the father took his just 15 years old with huge debts,He had to file for bankruptcy at the Seoul Central District Court at the end of 2014 as he was unable to repay the interest from 300 million won to 800 million won, which was recognized in March 2015.At the end of the same year, he became famous for his role in “Please Answer 1988″, and his bankruptcy was immediately dug up by the media.”I want to be a proud and trusted son of my father,” he said. “I feel sorry for my father.”As a matter of fact, The reason why Park bo-bo would step into the entertainment industry is to shoulder his family’s financial burden. When he was in the second year of high school, he had a dream of stardom and interviewed many agencies before he was recognized.”National Diva” IU debuted at the age of 15, playing and singing on various TV shows while carrying a guitar at a young age, and established her position as a diva with her own efforts and talent.Seemingly glamorous her life, but also had a family difficult times, had her family is not poor, but because of my parents mistakenly believed, cause with money, with his brother to take refuge in grandma, she only had a difficult time to rent apartments, is filthy environment, cockroaches straggling around the house, they live in this house for over a year and a half of the time.IU once said: “Poverty makes people in love far away.”In order to help her family pay off debts, she dreamed of being a singer in the second year of junior high school, but was rejected for 20 times. She even suffered fraud. In 2007, she succeeded in joining LOEN Entertainment as a trainee, which is now Kakao M Entertainment.Whether conduct, integrity are worth learning a good example, become now everyone’s favorite queen.