More than 100,000 people in Xiamen participated in a national fitness online campaign: playing “curling” and running “tiger” to cheer for the Winter Olympics

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Did you succeed in the challenge?More than 100,000 people participated in the 2022 Xiamen National Fitness Online Games in less than two weeks since its launch on Jan 29, setting off a new craze for national fitness and adding a festive atmosphere of national fitness, happiness and peace to this year’s Spring Festival.The activity with “dream move to the games, the national fitness leave mansion” as the theme, by the xiamen municipal sports bureau, xiamen national sports consumption pilot city construction leading group office, hercynian morning newspaper office, Beijing trace sports management co., LTD., to undertake, some sports co., LTD., little confused cents support wine industry (group) co., LTD.As xiamen national fitness and xiamen, the second section of one of the series of activities, sports consumption life will set up the games grandstand, new fitness, online marathon, fitness to bring new network module, online linkage, invited citizens to participate in scientific fitness, mutual rooting for the Beijing Olympics.The event will last until February 15th, and participants will have the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts.Let’s move together!As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are underway, ice and snow sports in Xiamen are also getting hot.During the Spring Festival, many citizens went to the Champion Ice Rink of Zhonghua Town to experience the ice sports at zero distance, and sent their small videos of skating in the rink to the platform Douyin to share their skating experience.Ms. Zhao said that watching the Winter Olympic Games on TV is too exciting, while the holiday she also took her children to the ice rink to feel the fun of ice and snow sports, the children played particularly happy.”I am the 63,971 citizen, and I cheer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!”In the games intellectual challenge, more than 60000 citizens by means of the knowledge of the games are the answer small program for the ice and snow festival held in Beijing on wishes, in the circle of friends has a “everyone involved, and cheer for the Beijing Olympics” of the boom, all through the way of answer breakthrough, relay to share, together for the winter Olympics “call”.Besides watching the games, readers did not forget to participate in the winter Olympics prize guessing activities under the hashtag # Build a Dream winter Olympics Prize guessing # on haixi Morning Post’s official microblog to cheer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.As people focus on the Winter Olympics, they are getting out of their homes to experience sports.Rope skipping, pot throwing, shuttlecock kicking, long jump…In many communities, restaurants, cafes, esports and other places on the island set up the “New Year fitness” site, men, women and children together, experience the fun of sports fitness.It is worth mentioning that this year’s “New Year’s Fitness meeting” also put curling on the table, a 1 meter long rectangular table is the “table curling” arena.People stood on the edge of the table, aiming at the center of the circle, adjusting the strength and Angle, pushing the pot gently forward and throwing it, having fun.”I watched curling on TV these days and thought it was very professional and far away from our lives. I didn’t expect to have a simple version of curling at home today to experience the rules and fun of curling.You don’t say, still quite fun!”Just after experiencing “table curling”, a longines Bay owner said with a smile on his face.Mr. Zhang, who lives in the blue Water County community, participated in the rope skipping challenge.”Although I could not go back to my hometown for the Spring Festival, it is meaningful to participate in this activity at home during the Spring Festival. It not only strengthens my body, but also enhances the communication between neighbors. It is very warm.”As of yesterday, 58,739 people had completed the online marathon.Many non-local competitors participated in this competition. Through the network, the competition will closely connect the relatives and friends who cannot get together offline due to the epidemic, and realize the cloud fitness interaction between relatives and friends.On January 30, Wu Liuce, a member of xiamen’s Powerful Country Running Group, ran 21.22 kilometers and wrote the Chinese character “Tiger” on the map in an innovative way to welcome the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.Wu said he completed the challenge in 1 hour and 55 minutes, passing by lucuo Subway station, Hubin North Road, Lianyue Road, Yuxiu Road, Xiahe Road and other busy areas of Xiamen.His running track map has been copied by many in the running community.In addition, some citizens have rich imagination, in the vicinity of Xiang ‘an Drum causeway subway station only 5.63 km, ran out of a vivid “tiger”.During the activity, there is no lack of friends from Beijing and Shanghai, they and their relatives and friends in heron Island remote group run “tiger” word, in the feeling of different regional customs and styles, at the same time, personally experience the fun of outdoor sports.In addition to the fun “Tiger” running, the online marathon also has individual clock-in, individual mileage race, daily sports clock-in and other competitions covering all ages.With warmer weather and more people running to keep fit, online marathons are gaining popularity.Sign up and share your unique running tips!(Haixi Morning Post reporter Dang Yaqi)