Edema condition appears after wrapping operation, how should be done?

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Again appear edema after wrapping operation is mainly like swimming circle will appear on the penis again several times the symptom of edema, and will also have the skin redness, swelling and slight wound pain and other symptoms appear again, generally within seven days after surgery will once again appear this kind of edema “, after a period of time will slowly recover completely, but if not fully recover,This time should be timely treatment.If men again wrapping is too long, the result will be a lot of negative interference, it is will interfere with the men’s health, 2 it is to cause unsatisfactory sex, cause premature ejaculation symptoms of premature ejaculation again, three is the cause of disease of department of gynaecology, so say again wrapping is too long patients must timely surgical treatment.1, again appear edema after wrapping operation situation, main show is the skin redness, swelling and slight wound pain symptoms, and it looks as if the penis is set on a swimming laps as above, generally within 7 days after surgery again appear the symptom of edema, belongs to the normal situation, this time also don’t need to have too worried,As long as a day to go to the hospital change medicine regularly, if male circumcision or not less than seven days after the complete recovery, edema “will be the implementation of the timely treatment, must go to the hospital let the doctor to help cure, in addition to local medicine, also can take oral drug treatment, general a few days later the foreskin edema” will get stable.2, after wrapping operation, must have a period of recovery, this period patients are not able to have a normal sexual life, need to have a cold for a period of time, can stay to fully recover the wound thoroughly restorative life slowly, and cannot have too intense activity after surgery, to avoid the symptoms of pain and broken skin,Patients with postoperative diet also wants proper supplement, in dietary respect decision as far as possible many delicate a nutritious food intake, should eat less spicy, and other strong excitant food, especially many hair content it is best not to eat better, lest cause the wound thoroughly recovery of bad again, many patients should also prevent always wear leather pants pants,Decide on loose panties.Finally, after surgery must pay attention to local health, but also to prevent excessive friction stimulation, patience will bandage daily complete recovery of the patient condition has a lot of help, try to keep a good state of mind, during the mood of the patient complete recovery will also have a lot of help, also should drink lots of water, it is very important to always maintain defecate unobstructed,The symptoms of constipation cannot always recur.