In March, we spoke with GJB BMW, the undefined female lawyer

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Every March is International Women’s Care Month.In all walks of life, there will be many events and issues around women.In fact, in recent years, people’s discussion of women has shifted from a single dimension of gender equality and equality to a focus on female power, especially the extraordinary creativity from women.Nowadays, there are many outstanding women in all walks of life.Among them, female lawyers, who are both intelligent and powerful, are the representatives and bearers of “her power”.Recently, hot car group cooperated with Chongqing Qingdebao BMW 5S Center and Mr. Law to share the “female lawyer’s PERSONAL IP creation” and “Female group’s better car life creation” with meaningful salon.In the fast-paced new media era, “the creation of personal IP” has been hotly discussed in all industries, as well as in the lawyer industry, which has direct communication with clients.So, how can female lawyers better build personal IP and play on social platforms?And how to let more people more intuitive know their own value?Became the subject of this discussion.In view of these problems, Mr. Peng Shuai, founder of Mr. Law, launched a vivid description on the scene.Mr. Peng Shuai told the female lawyers that IP creation is not simply propaganda, but to magnify their own value, on the way that young clients born in the 1990s and 2000s choose lawyers, the real story of audience distribution on Douyin platform, and the story of the different choices of famous painters Van Gogh and Basquii.And magnify their value behind, in fact, credit endorsement is doing leverage.He also stressed that the most important thing in IP building is to establish a “cognitive relationship” with customers, and the core logic of new media operation is not simply to show professional, but to strengthen this cognitive relationship.In fact, it is to let users know “who you are”, and let customers firmly trust you to choose you.Mr Peng shuai bring integrity analysis, as well as to the methodology of concrete practice, with thousands of fans of “web celebrity lawyer”, come from chongqing moment senior partner in a law firm, ms HongYang with “don’t gentle into that good night” as the theme, tells the story of each experience in life, to become the important influence of now of oneself.In fact, Ms. Hong Yang’s growth as a lawyer is a successful case of personal IP.Through her new, undefined journey, she urges everyone to embrace the unpredictable future and live a richer life.Through her story, about how to better build personal IP, and more smoothly play various social platforms, more than 30 lawyers present have their own harvest.In addition to the wonderful sharing of the two senior professionals in the industry, Ms. Xiong Zhao, the founder of Guohao Law Firm (Chongqing), who was recommended by all the lawyers on stage, was the egg of the sharing session of this salon.Ms. Xiong Zhao now has more than 30 years of lawyer professional experience, is chongqing version of the real law fair beauty, she said that in fact, regardless of gender can pay attention to the creation of personal IP.As the 5S center of BMW in Chongqing, Chongqing Qingdebao has been paying attention to female users for a long time. It has held many activities related to female users, including fashion and lifestyle experience meetings, etc.This time, the crossover between Hot Car group, Chongqing Qingdebao BMW 5S Center and Mr. Law also brings about the sharing of related car life style dry goods for female user groups.Celebration of debao 5 s center sales internal training division bass from women lawyers professional image and way of thinking as the starting point of choose and buy, bring women lawyers for 5 plug-in electric hybrid, 2 two four coupe coupe, i2 pure electric car run, four models to recommend 3 series, and to recommend models as the breakthrough point, bring women lawyers and lawyers practitioners car share exclusive discount store polling (more details).The cross-industry cooperation between the three parties was a complete success, which brought to the legal guests thoughts on women, law, cars, lifestyle and other fields.In fact, the car, like the law, is a temperature carrier based on reason, and these are powerful agents for women, and even humans, to have a better lifestyle.