Add parking space, introduce intelligent parking management system…Linhe chengguan will do this this year

2022-07-25 0 By

Recently, the reporter learned from the Linhe District City management comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau, the bureau has demarcated 2022 mission objectives, this year will focus on promoting these matters concerning you and me.Specifically include: continuous governance of the “ten chaos” in the city;Actively promote the “law enforcement into the community” special rectification action;Continue to implement the “first violation of free from punishment registration system” and “re-violation of punishment exposure system”, will be punished according to law for repeated indiscipline, registration and exposure in the media;We will actively introduce social capital and advanced disposal equipment and technology to promote project construction, strive to complete two projects and put them into operation by the end of 2022, and initially establish a virtuous cycle system of collection, transport, disposal and recycling of all kinds of garbage in Linhe District.Build at least 20 public parking lots and strictly manage them;Reasonably increase the allocation of motor vehicle parking Spaces and non-motor vehicle parking Spaces;Introduce intelligent parking management system, urge enterprises and institutions on both sides of main roads to open internal parking lots, cooperate with property management departments to urge communities to open and rent underground parking lots;To strengthen the supervision of shared bikes, to increase the punishment of chaotic management, supervision is not in place of bike enterprises, until banned;Illegal activities such as occupying public parking Spaces and setting up roadblocks and parking lots will be severely punished.Open-air barbecues and burning will be banned according to law.Bayannur Daily full media reporter Li Bo correspondent Wu Wenna editor Qiao Hong