Yiling a lengmen scenic area, summer resort, with rare geology, visibility is small

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Yiling is a cold scenic area, a summer resort, with rare geology, visibility but small winter is about to pass, spring is about to enter our life, can say that spring is coming soon, summer will be far away?And summer is often the most difficult season for many people, after all, the temperature of summer is too high and the feeling of unbearably hot makes people very uncomfortable, but this year we do not need to worry about the problem of unbearably hot, after all, we can go to the cold gate scenic area of Yiling summer.It is said to be a special summer resort in summer, with rare geology, so after coming here, we can feel a cool breath, but this place is very little known, so few people come to visit.This place is called Xisai National Forest Park, which is said to be located in the inner yiling District of Yichang City. It is a grassland mountainous area with very high virgin forest coverage rate and large area of alpine rhododendrons.After coming here, I can find that the local air is not so hot, and basically the wind blows with a slight coolness.Because of its subtropical monsoon climate, the temperature stays around 21 degrees all year round, making it a great summer resort.Into the whole forest park interior, can find for us to watch the scenery is very much, like the waterfall or is the overlapping forest and a variety of strange stones and so on the scenery let us not open his eyes.The number of plants and animals located in this forest is also very large, and there are even many small animals that we have never seen live on this land, and some plants with medicinal value also grow very comfortably in this mountain.Coming to Xisai National Forest Park, we can see the full view of the Three Gorges Dam and shennongjia, which is a very good place to see.The area of the whole park is about 5400 hectares, and the area of the park inside is also very large.It is said that the lowest altitude is about 920m and the highest altitude is 1,961 meters. In such a vertical altitude, there are seven different types of vegetation, so it is also a paradise of plants and animals.We came here to see a lot of spectacular sights, such as a thick tall tree above was filled with all kinds of mushrooms, they look really acosmia but is very beautiful or is in some trees there are a lot of cute little monkeys live above, we can also see some monkeys with children in silently watching these people coming and going.In general, this is a very cost-effective place, I recommend you to visit.