The latest news!Fined 500,000 yuan for selling 1,000 yuan a cup of olive juice

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A drink shop in Shenzhen has sparked concern by selling olive juice for 1,000 yuan a cup.The local market supervision department investigated and investigated the company of the beverage shop for the illegal act of false publicity, and made a decision to punish 500,000 yuan.According to the official website of the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, shenzhen Haolin Catering Co, which owns the beverage shop, was fined 500,000 yuan by the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration’s Futian Supervision Bureau for “illegal advertising.”The penalty will be decided on January 29, 2022.The site shows, according to relevant provision, anti-unfair competition law in violation of the provisions of article 8 of this law, an operator to its goods makes a false or misleading business promotion, or through the organizational structure, false trading helps other operators in false or misleading business promotion, by the supervision and inspection department shall be ordered to stop the illegal act,To impose a fine of not less than 200,000 yuan but not more than one million yuan;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be fined not less than one million yuan but not more than two million yuan and his business license may be revoked.Previously reported in November 2021, shenzhen Haolin Catering Co., LTD., the “Ye Cuishan · Molecular Juice” beverage shop sold a cup of olive juice for 1,000 yuan, causing concern.Why is it so expensive?Reporters contacted a Wild Mountain store, staff said, because the drink’s raw materials are relatively expensive, so there is such a price.”The raw material is olives from Chaoshan, and it costs about 800 yuan per catty.”Staff members said that when making drinks, they will choose about a jin of golden jade three twist olive, plus transportation costs and labor costs, not expensive.”If you want to drink it, you need to make an appointment in advance,” the staff said, not every store has this raw material, so it takes time to dispatch.It also takes time to make after the raw materials arrive.Olives take longer to make because they have a lower juice yield.The staff admitted that there were not many people buying the product, and their store sold about 3 bottles a month.”There are more buyers for drinks at other price points.”The staff said.Reporter search found that the drinks within the price range of goods, in addition to the highest price of 1000 yuan jinyu SAN Twist olive juice, there are 300 yuan of olive juice, 108 yuan of mangosteen juice, durian juice, the cheapest also have 28 yuan of tea.On November 26, 2021, shenzhen market regulatory authorities notified that the actual purchase price of raw materials of the store was inconsistent with the advertised price, and the company has been investigated and dealt with for the illegal behavior of false publicity.Staff at the store said Monday that they are cooperating with the investigation.