Changchai key new product 4G36V16 multi-cylinder machine to achieve mass production

2022-07-24 0 By

Recently, from Changchai Company,Limited multi-cylinder machine factory came good news, the key new product 4G36V16 multi-cylinder diesel engine successfully achieved mass production, the mass production product is mainly used for supporting the host enterprise 120 horsepower tractor.In order to ensure the smooth delivery of this batch of 4G36V16 orders, the multi-cylinder machine factory has worked overtime to produce, so far, more than 200 4G36V16 diesel engines have been assembled and rolled out.Before the batch assembly of 4G36V16 diesel engine, the company first carried out prototype trial assembly in the multi-cylinder machine factory.In the fitting process, technology center, multi-cylinder factory, quality department, purchasing department and other departments accurate docking, highly collaborative, synthetic hair, the hair material, cleaning, assembly, commissioning process and so on each track, and organize the review, to find and collect problems in the process of loading test, in conjunction with the optimization and improvement, multi-cylinder factory at the same time combining with the characteristics of products, the production practice,Comb, perfect and improve the internal production process and process, tooling and other processes.Because 4 g36v16 compared with 4 g33v16 diesel engine, diesel engine parts weight and quantity are increasing, and cooperate more compact components, add a lot to diesel engine assembly difficulty, therefore, multi-cylinder factory continuously optimize assembly process route, resources, fully mixing stages reasonable planning parts installation sequence and the working content,Thus, the batch assembly can be carried out smoothly.4G36V16 multi-cylinder diesel engine is the company’s flagship 4G33 series multi-cylinder machine upgrade products, through technological innovation, optimization design, the product cylinder expansion and increase the stroke, the use of turbocharged medium-cooling air intake and high pressure common rail fuel system, displacement up to 3.6L, emissions up to the non-road national iv standards.In order to improve the reliability, economy and versatility of products, in the design process, as far as possible to maintain the process inheritance of 4G33 series multi-cylinder machine body, to ensure the universality of parts and market matching, to undertake product advantages, reduce production costs, improve product performance ratio.This multi-cylinder diesel engine has the characteristics of large power, environmental protection and energy saving, high reliability, the main supporting object is 135 horsepower harvester, 110-120 horsepower tractor.In recent years, the company with the domestic mainstream host enterprises strengthen product docking, carrying experiment, has organized the product with high power LunTuo, harvest machinery host product conducted a series of carrying experiment, effect is ideal, recognised by the user, has been basically carry stereotypes, laid a solid foundation for mass production.The smooth mass production of 4G36V16 multi-cylinder diesel engine is a new breakthrough in the company’s product structure adjustment, and also adds new momentum for the company’s transformation and upgrading, high-quality development.We have reason to believe that with the technical advantages, performance advantages, cost advantages of 4G36V16 diesel engine, as well as the continuous improvement of the production process, assembly process, product quality, 4G36V16 diesel engine will become another fist product of the company, occupy a place in the market of large horsepower diesel engine.(Zhong Yanwen, Zhuang Zhiping/Wenzhuang Zhiping/Photo)