“Shu Zhi Tong Ren” has a promising future

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The deep integration of big data and real economy is a major practice of our city to “change lanes and overtake” and go all out to seize new opportunities in the implementation of digital economy strategy.”Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” since, including first big data to seize guizhou national comprehensive experimental zone big opportunity, adhering to the innovation, the coordination, the green, open, sharing development idea, adhere to the “application driver, harmony and development” scene tongren path of the large data, large data application scenario flowers, preliminary build ecological city data, digital economy development are flawed.Big data applications, our city in recent years has been committed to create a core platform, including “a cloud a network platform system” scheduling platform, relying on the “cloud” in guizhou data platform, integration of data resources in the city, built in the government public data exchange and data sharing and open public data management comprehensive service core platform.It has built a big data sharing and exchange system, compiled a catalogue of government information resources, built a data opening portal based on e-government extranet and the Internet, and completed the construction of a big data center database, a government data opening and control system, and a scheduling and integration platform.We will build thematic databases in areas such as security, transportation, tourism, medical care, education and government affairs.With the beginning of the new semester, Guizhou Shanjiu Changqing Wisdom Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is also busy.”Through the big data platform, students can see at a glance what food they have eaten today, what food they should eat tomorrow, where the food is produced and who distributes it.”As the big data information management system of the country’s most college students feeding service platform and mature operations team, the company in September 2015 in guizhou green river economic development zone industrial park, wisdom its home-grown atterngted wisdom cloud comprehensive service platform was put into use in tongren, seven city states, covering more than 15000 schools, 4.8527 million students,There are 162 distribution enterprises and 2,305 cooperatives.Outside yunnan province, pilot projects have been implemented and framework agreements have been signed with Jiangxi and other provinces and cities.At green river area, a park road, village, elegant courtyard area, such as residents simply download “six tertiary nine aunt” APP, you can freely choose peripheral products such as supermarket to buy a key, platform background received orders to start preparing, marki will buy according to the customers’ agreed time accurate delivery to the door, citizens can enjoy “one-stop” service at home.Guizhou Guigu Agriculture Co., Ltd. is an emerging science and technology enterprise specializing in the research, production and demonstration of intelligent agricultural technology with mountain characteristics. With the help and support of Academician Zhou Chenghu of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician Zhao Chunjiang of National Engineering Research Center for Agricultural Informatization, It was registered and established in Wanshan District, Tongren City in 2017.The company is mainly committed to the research, development and sales of agricultural big data analysis and control software, agricultural big data fusion equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales, production and sales of high-grade agricultural products.The existing production and operation site covers an area of 1334 square meters, building area of 3500 square meters, high-quality agricultural production base of 1500 mu.It is understood that the company and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China agricultural university, national engineering research center for information technology in agriculture, aerospace science and industry group, guizhou academy, tongren, guizhou university institute of technology, and industry research institutes and universities to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, formed a excellent management and technical team, currently has nine patents, four computer software copyright certificate.The same big data scenario application is also reflected in our trips. Tongren Branch of Chongqing Huohuchuxing Network Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Tongren in 2018, operating and managing the online business of “Huohuchuxing” in tongren.Authorized Tongren Shengshitong Trading Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the offline business of “Hume Chuxing” in Tongren.Based on the connection between urban and rural areas, the company builds integrated urban and rural travel solutions to provide more safe, convenient and comfortable travel services for urban and rural customers.The platform receives the order information of the passenger. The customer service determines the pick-up and drop-off location and travel time through phone communication, and sends the order to the driver and driver side. The passenger receives the delivery information on the taxi booking phone:License plate number, driver and driver’s phone, online ordering, offline door-to-door pickup, after arriving at the destination, the driver will delimit the end of the trip, passengers in the call me travel client can be issued by their own invoices, extremely convenient and fast.In the new media sector, Guizhou Yipai E-commerce Co., Ltd. was formally established in July 2019 and started short video shooting in Huanhe Village, Gonghe Town, Dejiang County.Short video shows local customs, local cuisine, etc.Through the team building of the east farmhouses qian “, an ancient village le le “trill quickly accounts such as propaganda, originally a lonely small mountain village, became a famous web celebrity clock, every day with an average of five centuries people drive to come to visit, so the village had a store, have a snack, build the toilets, such as infrastructure, the farmers of their field, home keep can be sold.At the same time, the company has been selling local agricultural and sideline products such as Pepper, purple potato, sweet potato peel, fern root powder and rice flour through short-sighted band goods and live broadcasting, with annual sales of more than 2 million yuan….Nowadays, big data continues to penetrate into our lives, and the application of scene big data is showing a state of “a hundred flowers bloom” in all walks of life in the city.In 2021, the big data application practice of Tongren scene was promoted to the whole province by the Reform Office of The Provincial Party Committee in the Exchange on Guizhou Reform, No. 32 (no. 973 in total) in 2021.Tongren Internet platform economic industrial cluster is listed by Provincial Development and Reform Commission as the first group of characteristic industrial clusters in Guizhou Province;Wanshan District and Tongren High-tech Zone were awarded the first batch of “Platform Economy Innovation and Development Demonstration Zone” by provincial Big Data Bureau.Your valley agriculture “wisdom agriculture big data platform” by the national ministry of named “2021 annual mobile Internet applications outstanding case”, “including the gas station information real-time data acquisition system” new taxes 2000 ten thousand yuan, including “a cloud a network platform system” scheduling platform by China information association awarded the “2021 cases digital government innovation”,Shanjiu Changqing Smart Nutrition Meal project was awarded “2021 Agricultural and Rural Informatization Demonstration Base” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.The scene big data Practice in Tongren has been praised 45 times by CCTV CCTV13 channel, Guizhou Daily, People’s Daily online, China Daily and other national and provincial media.With the continuous deepening of scene big data, “data wisdom Tongren” is more and more worthy of expectation.Next, Tongren will continue to focus on the implementation of key work of big data.Strengthen the cultivation of market players, vigorously carry out the “search for seedling action”, and actively carry out large-scale investment in scene big data.Strengthen enterprise tracking service, increase enterprise cultivation, enterprise regulation into the system.We will carry out the “100 enterprises leading” and “10,000 enterprises integrating” initiatives.Around the platform, the Internet platform economy industrial clusters, the number of 2022 expo, project construction, “the six net battle” Internet battle vigorously promote “number of wisdom live city” project, around the application scenario planning, scene great theoretical innovation, data management, data scene data publicity key big data continues to deepen scene tongren practice, continuous development of ecological optimization of large data.(Tongren Daily Rong Media reporter Zhang Hongyang) Source: Tongren Daily