“National brand” Galanz power kitchen everyone electricity, whether successful beach

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In 2021, the overall performance of The Kitchen and bathroom market in China is good. Compared with the traditional smoke stove elimination, the emerging category (washing and embedding set) has a strong momentum, and the improvement and functional demand drives the growth.According to AVC, the overall size of emerging categories in 2021 is 6.32 million units and 43.5 billion yuan, with a 10% year-on-year growth in retail volume and 25% year-on-year growth in retail volume, 34% year-on-year growth in 2019 and 48% year-on-year growth in retail volume.With the highlighting of consumers’ personalized and differentiated needs, users’ pursuit of healthy and high-quality kitchen life is changing. Emerging kitchen electric products with intelligent, healthy, systematic and integrated characteristics are more and more favored by consumers. Galanz, with insight into this point, makes great efforts to layout the kitchen for everyone.As is known to all, Galanz is the absolute leading brand of microwave oven products, with a deep foundation in kitchen appliances manufacturing and natural genes, this effort also shows that Galanz intends to ride the wind and waves in the current younger-led kitchen appliances reform determination.Brand strength + technology security, the dual advantages of blessing in the market and consumer impression, galanz has almost become a microwave oven for a long time of a single product “pronoun”, plus the galanz microwave oven with the shenzhou 12 spacecraft to the space station, astronauts fast, security and stability of cooking meals, and launching the “kitchen” the universe concept products,While showing its advanced technology, it also shows its own brand innovation and breakthrough.Therefore, it can be said that in terms of brand awareness, Galanz layout kitchen appliances not only has a higher starting point, but also has a relatively solid and broad mass base, which is bound to be conducive to its future kitchen appliances market to attract more consumers.In addition, it is easy to be accepted by consumers to extend the microwave oven from the same kitchen scene to the kitchen electric, and promote it in the nested kitchen scene.In addition to strong group strength, good brand awareness, Galanz also has a strong r & D and production strength as a guarantee.For the champion category of micro steaming and baking products, Galanz continues to lead the industry with differentiated technology advantages;For kitchen appliance series, Galanz focuses on differentiated crowd and differentiated scene to meet diversified quality and consumer needs, and is committed to integrated upgrade.In the process of reform and iteration of China’s home appliance industry, galanz can always maintain its competitive advantage and lead the direction of industrial development and consumption upgrading, which is inseparable from its unique comprehensive strength of the “whole industry chain”.Galanz not only set up a modern, fully automatic production line, but also around the user and the product through the industrial chain, also is not only from the core component to the layout of the machine manufacturing industry chain, but also from the technical research and development, performance testing, automated manufacturing, and product experience, user interaction, building a whole industry of science and technology innovation value chain,For its layout of the kitchen everyone electricity market to build a solid barrier.As for the follow-up development focus of Galanz Kitchen appliances, Galanz said in an interview: on the one hand, Galanz will continue to strengthen its products, make its product line solid, and realize product value, sales profit and user reputation improvement.Help the market to break the situation with product strategic thinking;On the other hand, we should constantly increase product promotion, increase product visibility, form our own core competitive products, but also to ensure the competitiveness of channel providers and operators.It is a general trend for home appliance brands to quickly meet the needs of users at the product end and upgrade, and the flat and vertical operation of retail channels is also an emerging trend.In the aspect of new retail, Galanz carries out comprehensive empowerment to realize the full integration of online and offline goods, so as to achieve full coverage and full ownership of the market, and initiate multi-brand joint marketing strategy to meet the needs of consumers for one-stop service and one-stop procurement.As for the offline aspect, Galanz has entered into building materials and different industry channels, arranged pre-sales, made great efforts to strengthen installation and design categories, and achieved the strategy of kitchen electrical transformation through product, service and retail transformation.In the New Year, we will focus on resources to offline stores, match high-quality resources, and promote high-end, systemized and quality products.And the development of 400 building materials kitchen scene stores in the country, through the scene of the presentation, accurate marketing to expand the flow of customers, truly provide consumers with one-stop kitchen decoration (renovation) scheme.In addition, based on consumers’ immediate experience of the product, and the diversified demands of the product for consumers, there has been two-way communication and integration.On the online e-commerce channel, in addition to consolidating the traditional platform e-commerce sales, Galanz will carry out precise marketing with novel, unique, high-price and high-appearance products, actively embrace new e-commerce platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and plan to create several online blockbuster products in 2022.At the same time, it is committed to the layout and power of its own mall “Galanz G+”.Integrate online and offline resources, empower each other, quickly improve sales, improve brand influence.Regardless of online, offline or new channels, Galanz closely focuses on the goal of strong experience, strong service and strong scene, combined with different attributes of different sales channels, matching different differentiated marketing strategies.Last: As a “national brand”, Galanz has always been rooted in the manufacturing industry, with the purpose of “making efforts to move customers”, constantly responding to users’ needs for a better life, combining with its own scientific and technological strength to export innovative products.At present, Galanz once again sends its power to everyone in the kitchen, which means that its research on kitchen life scenes is further advanced. Through scenario-based and system-based thinking, galanz will continue to create one-stop kitchen appliance solutions for users, helping to improve kitchen life.So the next galanz will bring to the kitchen electric market pattern of what changes, we are waiting.(Chop down the forest)