Like Lebron, who got pranked as a rookie?Team leader tells James to do ‘this thing’

2022-07-23 0 By

Almost every rookie when entering the league, will be some have entered the league for a period of time by the big brother “care”, this is also a convention, many old players will just join the league rookie a xiama Wei, let them experience the CRUELTY of the NBA.Let them know that when they come into the league, they have to treat some of the seniors with respect.In this way, the older players will pass on their experience to the younger players.When just coming into the league, the griffin was some big brother want pink backpack travel, while the gerber car inside is being filled with some popcorn, likewise, booker inside the car is also being filled with foam ball, guy, take an examination of hyacinth room also is popcorn, and yao is going to help the team’s eldest brother tie his shoes.And James as the chosen one, as the no. 1 pick in the Cavaliers, he was also in the rookie period of pranks?After all, he was expected to be the face of the league’s future after Posting a 25-plus, 6-plus, 8-plus all-around performance in his debut.In fact, even if James is strong, he was also wronged in the rookie period, that is, the boss of the team at that time, Ricky Davis disliked James very much, he thought that the Cavaliers chose James was a mistake, disrespect and impact on his status.At the same time, Rickie announced that James was only there to assist him, so he would also suppress James, and even let James carry his shoes.This behavior of his, there is no doubt that the young James is very dissatisfied.At the same time, the management was also angry about Ricky’s behavior.So, after just 17 games, the Cavaliers dumped Ricky Davis in favor of James.The decision by the Cavaliers’ front office was undoubtedly the right one, as James helped the Cavaliers quickly reach the playoffs and become one of the league’s top teams.Rickie, on the other hand, slowly faded out of the league and paid the price for his arrogance.