Hot search no. 1!Wang Meng explained the golden sentence frequently: my eyes are rulers, I can speak boldly to me

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At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China won the gold medal in the mixed team short track speed skating final.The Chinese team’s squad for the QuChunYu, fan can be new, Wu Dajing and all, the Chinese team in the first leg in third place, only QuChunYu and let all the people in power crazy chase, while handing over complete lead sharply beyond China, eventually Wu Dajing keep advantage, beat Italy, Hungary and Canada won the gold medal,It was also the first gold medal for The Chinese team at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Gold medal was not easy for China, which only finished third after being fouled by Russia and the United States in the semifinals.However, after the referee review of the decision, Russia and the United States in the relay from time to time foul, penalty of the two teams out, The Chinese team through to the final.After the Chinese team won the gold medal, the top hot search was the former short track speed skater Wang Meng, who served as commentator. Her commentary was really great, professional, passionate and humorous, which made the netizens cry for pleasure.Wang meng, who won four gold MEDALS at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, is the first Chinese short-track speed skating champion to win three consecutive gold MEDALS in the 500-meter, 1,000-meter and 3,000-meter relay races.Wang Meng and Huang Jianxiang jointly served as the commentary of the short track speed skating event, the golden sentence frequently: in the quarter final, after the South Korean player slipped, Wang Meng said: MY eyes only focus on the Chinese team, you fall is your own fall, have nothing to do with others;The remark was intended to imply that South Korean athletes had behaved badly in previous Winter Olympics.In the semifinal, China was fouled by Russia and the United States. Wang meng was so excited that he said, “Did you see that?See?The USA is breaking the rules, they should not be on the chute, they are blocking the Chinese relay!After saying this, partner Huang Jianxiang also dare not pick up the words, the final referee really judged the United States team foul out, China team thrilling into the final.Later, Wang Meng baqi said: watching the video for 10 times is the same result!In the final, Wu dajing sprints the last leg, but as an old athlete, he experienced several races in a day, physical strength is a little tired, and finally and the Italian athlete almost at the same time into the line.Before the audience knew who was the winner, Wang meng said: my eyes are rulers, believe me!Sure enough, the final result is the Chinese team first.In addition, in a 500-meter short track speed skating commentary, a competitor slipped 43.702 seconds, Wang Meng said in the commentary: I can also slide now!Very domineering.It’s like Michael Jordan after retirement saying, “I can score 40, too.” It’s like Usain Bolt after retirement saying, “I can still run under 10 seconds.However, with wang Meng’s strength, she retired in 2014, and her outstanding talent, she may be able to do “I can do me”, too amazing!