“Chinese Poetry Conference 2022” ratings are not ideal, and the host Long Yang has little to do with it

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Xi xi is looking forward to, looking forward to, the seventh season of “Chinese Poetry Conference” finally presented in front of the audience, the reason why this program can get so high attention in the market before broadcast, more reasons focus on the series of programs in the past accumulated market recognition during the broadcast.In season 7 “Chinese poetry conference”, before the show after adjustment for the host, guests invited new methods such as passed six seasons with the audience, in this 6 years, audiences through the stage of “Chinese poetry conference” feel the charm of poetry culture is different, caused the market in view of the poetry more enthusiastic discussion.For the audience, it is a cultural program worth watching repeatedly, and for the producers, it is a high-quality TV program worth inheriting.Compared with other cultural variety shows, “Chinese Poetry Conference” is more targeted, with different reserves of poems among contestants to continuously win the competition.Besides the competition, the host’s opening remarks and the guest’s special interpretation of the poems are also highlights of the series, especially the host’s performance, which often affects the reputation of the whole program.”Chinese Poetry Conference” specially designed the way of making the opening words of the poems. The host officially opened the curtain of the competition with a poem, from which we can see the importance of the host to the program.An excellent host should convince the audience in terms of poetry reading and interpretation. To achieve this effect, apart from the accumulation of knowledge in daily study and work, the audience also needs to make full preparations before the program starts to broadcast. Only in this way can the integrity of the content of the program be guaranteed.Dong Qing did just that, and long Yang, who succeeded Her as host of the show, is apparently still a bit controversial.CCTV program group arranged for Long Yang to participate in the fifth season and the sixth season of the Chinese Poetry Conference, such arrangement is enough to prove that the producers of long Yang’s performance as the host of recognition.Now long Yang is not a CCTV front host, but in the eyes of the producers, apparently helping her in the direction of the front host efforts.”Chinese Poetry Conference” itself is a TV program with enough outstanding market share and audience rating. No matter which host participates in the hosting work of the program, it will help the career development.Long Yang was able to get the opportunity in a number of young hosts, and even said that the opportunity to host three seasons in a row, her market popularity is also improving with the broadcast of the program.On the stage of the seventh season of “Chinese Poetry Conference”, when Long Yang appears again, I believe that more audience will not question the voice.”Jiangshan stay success, our generation return”, when Long Yang in front of the camera again said let the audience feel warm opening, the growth of the young host is also seen in the eyes of the audience.Three years of time, let Long Yang faded the stage when the initial tender and green, in the face of the camera, now she is more decent, but also by virtue of their own performance to get more audience recognition, this growth audience see in the eyes, the program naturally also see in the eyes.However, compared with the growth of Long Yang’s performance as host, the seventh season of Chinese Poetry Conference premiered with poor ratings, ranking only sixth among TV programs in the same period.Often TV program ratings problems need to be considered from different aspects, is the host problem, guest problem, program production direction problem, or other problems?Long Yang is clearly the target of criticism again, as she is more of a latecomer to the show than anyone else.However, compared with various factors, longyang caused the seventh season of “Chinese Poetry Conference” ratings are not ideal possibility is actually very small.If it is the problem of Long Yang, the program in the fifth season, the sixth season of ratings will not be ideal, the program will not drag to the seventh season of the program still choose Long Yang as the host.By contrast, the fundamental reason for the unsatisfactory ratings of the program is actually the broadcast time.Broadcast in the post-prime-time is a fatal injury to the audience rating of Chinese Poetry Conference, and also the “fuse” for the unsatisfactory audience rating of the program.After finding the problem, might as well discuss why there will be this problem, in the prime time broadcast situation, prime time CCTV comprehensive channel broadcast what programs?After the broadcast of “The World” has been recognized by the market audience, “Chinese Poetry Conference” wants to regain its outstanding performance in the audience rating by either waiting for the work to end or adjusting its broadcast time, such as from Thursday to Saturday.That is to say, a single performance in the audience rating cannot objectively analyze the quality of the seventh season of Chinese Poetry Conference.The seventh season of Chinese Poetry Conference is still worth looking forward to on the basis of the improvement of long Yang’s performance as host and the recognition of the program’s production direction by the market.It is only a matter of time before ratings rebound.Proofreading by Wang Xixi