China Railway won the bid for the big project!

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Project Overview: The project scale is as follows: (1) To build a demonstration center of Agricultural industry integration, centralized sewage treatment station, biogas treatment station, etc.;At the same time, the construction of smart scenic guide system, water, electricity and green landscape and other supporting facilities;(2) Comprehensive improvement and supporting projects of Rural human settlement environment of Kaige Commune: improvement of rural housing features, renovation and upgrading of Taoyuan residential houses, renovation and upgrading of Kaige Wetland and Hailong Lake;Build walkway, camping ground and market, biogas greenhouse farm, farmland landscape, domestic garbage treatment facilities, sewage treatment facilities and pipe network supporting projects.The scale of this bidding is detailed in the preliminary design drawings and the bidding list.Bidding Information: First Place: China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., LTD. Bidding Price (YUAN) 264278126 Second Place: Power China Chengdu Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., LTD. Bidding Price (YUAN) 269266952 Third Place: China Du Engineering Design Co., LTD. Bidding price (yuan) 266940924On February 14, 2022 ☟ ☟ ☟ hefei to xinyi railway in anhui section of the four new electricity integration and related engineering construction total contract description: hefei to xinyi railway new hefei in anhui section of the si county east to western from si county station, after the outbound routes to the south, across the new near, at the highway, HongXinHe set area 3 km to the west side of wuhe station;After leaving the station, the line turns southeast to cross huaihe River, Xuming Expressway and Ningluo Expressway, and then sets up mingguang West Station 7.8km west of Mingguang City.After leaving the station, the line will continue to cross the Beijing-Shanghai railway southward and expand the existing Dingyuan station in the south of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.Then the line turns to the southwest, crosses S311 provincial Road and S101 provincial Road successively, and sets up badou station 2.6km west of Badou Town, Feidong County.After exiting the station, the line will cross beijing-Taiwan expressway and Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway on the east side of Zhongxing Reservoir, and then be introduced into Hefei area along the 20bu River ecological corridor. After crossing the existing Huainan Line, the line will be introduced into the new Hefei West Station of Hean Passenger Zone under construction by taodong Line and Hewu Bypass line.The total length of the line from Hefei West Railway Station (inclusive) to Sixian East Railway Station (inclusive) is 207.358km.The new main line is 198.167km, and the existing line is 9.191km, including 6.115km of Taodong line and 3.076km of Hewu bypass line.There are four stations, canopies and related projects including Sixian East Station, Wuhe Station, Mingguang West Station and dingyuan Station.The construction area of Sixian East Station is 12,000 square meters and the canopy is 7,669 square meters.The construction area of Wuhe station is 12,000 square meters, and the canopy construction area is 10,600 square meters.Mingguang West Station construction area of 11997 square meters, canopy area of 7591 square meters;Dingyuan station house construction area of 8000 square meters, canopy construction area of 6300 square meters.☟☟☟ Bid-winning information: First Place: China Railway Wuhan Electrification Bureau Group Co., LTD. China Railway Communication Signal Co., LTD. (Consortium) Bid price: 139011.385000(ten thousand yuan) Second Place: China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. bid price:Third Place: China Railway 11th Engineering Bureau Group Electrical Engineering Co., LTD. China Railway 11th Engineering Bureau Group Co., LTD. (consortium) Evaluation price: 139011.540500(TEN thousand yuan)Did your unit win the bid?