30 years old Zhu Houzhao died in the leopard room, leopard room in the end what is, why is creepy

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In China’s feudal dynasties, each dynasty has its own characteristics.For example, the comprehensive national strength of the Han Dynasty, the cultural prosperity of the Tang Dynasty and the rapid economic development of the Song Dynasty, the rule of Mongolia in the Yuan Dynasty and the emperor guarding the country in the Ming Dynasty, as well as the diligent administration of the Qing emperor and the humiliation of the last generation of ceding land and paying reparations.One of the most praised, is the Ming Emperor’s son guarding the door.According to historical records, the Ming Dynasty was the only feudal dynasty that did not have relatives.In the Ming Dynasty, all the emperors practiced the ancestral motto of “the son of heaven guards his country and the king dies”. Even the last Emperor chongzhen would rather hang himself from a crooked neck tree in the imperial palace than escape.Chongzhen emperor’s constancy moved countless Ming people to revolt to save the country until the Reign of Emperor Kangxi.But the Ming Dynasty had a more wonderful emperor, he did absurd things, but in the event is not confused, he is the Ming Wu Zong Zhu Houzhao.01 Embark on a crooked road Ming Dynasty emperor Zhu You in office period, diligent, open the way, so that the National strength of the Ming Dynasty to a higher level.He was also very single-minded in his feelings. Unlike other emperors, he did not have 72 concubines of his own. He only doted on Empress Zhang all his life and never accepted concubines.He has only one son, which caused zhu You throne, there is no choice, his son Zhu Houzhao, naturally became his successor.Zhu You die, Zhu Houzhao only fifteen years old, Zhu Houzhao from urine smart, no matter what knowledge, can quickly skilled through.But because he was so young, everything he saw was new. Children liked to play, and as emperor Zhu Houzhao was no exception, which gave the eunuchs around him an opportunity to take advantage of it.Liu Jin, the eunuch who served him, saw Zhu Houzhao’s playful character, so he played with the emperor all day long, and gradually liu Jin became a favorite of the emperor.Liu Jin took Zhu Houzhao to play eagle dog, watch beauty dance, fight cricket and so on.The ministers around him tried to expostulate, but were blocked by Zhu Houzhao.Over time, Zhu grew tired of these games, so he came up with new ideas.Zhu houzhao ordered the eunuchs and maids of honor to play the part of peddlers in the bazaar, while he played the part of wealthy merchants who made extravagant purchases in the bazaar.Therefore, Zhu Houzhao neglected his studies and seldom dealt with major affairs in the Court. Instead, he played with Liu Jin every day.Gradually, the ministers began to doubt whether the emperor could govern the Ming dynasty, and the ministers began to write remonstrations.The ministers of the letter, are zhu Houzhao father promoted up the loyal minister, Zhu Houzhao can not be too deliberately, so had to comply with the surface.He had to follow the advice of his officials to eliminate eunuchs around him, especially Liu Jin, who often played with him.Liu Jin heard the gossip and ran to the emperor’s side with tears in her eyes and weak legs. Zhu Houzhao could not bear to see this and had to hide Liu Jin.But the minister, determined to get rid of Liu Jin, Zhu Houzhao but only refuted the minister’s advice.Ministers see the emperor is very persistent, can only threaten to return to the emperor, but Zhu Houzhao slowly lost patience, and even prepared ministers to return to the request.After Liu Jin hid, instead of regretting her behavior, she began to look for new projects to play with Zhu Houzhao.At Liu Jin’s suggestion, Zhu Houzhao built a leopard house on one side of his residence. Even Zhu Houzhao did not expect that the leopard house he built would lead to many subsequent events.02 What is leopard house?After the leopard house was built, Liu Jin took Zhu Houzhao to play here every day.But what is a leopard house?At first glance, it sounds like a place to feed leopards. In fact, leopard houses have other animals besides leopards.During the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongolian princes and nobles were accustomed to the life on the grassland. In order to miss their hometown, they moved all the animals on the grassland to their houses and raised animals in captivity for entertainment.The leopard house built by Liu Jin for Zhu Houzhao is different from that of the Yuan Dynasty.Because Liu Jin in the leopard room, hidden a lot of folk beauty.This suddenly caught zhu Houzhao’s heart, so he liked the leopard room more.Gradually, Zhu Houzhao lost interest in women, So Liu Jin had to start to collect male pets for Zhu. Zhu chose his favorite male pets to stay with him, and even gave them the surname Zhu and accepted them as his step-son.By Zhu Houzhao’s favorite male pet more and more, slowly line into the eight party.Zhu Houzhao every day indulged in the leopard room, and even the place where he dealt with government affairs caught fire, he did not have a sad, but very happy, he thought that he did not have to deal with government affairs under the persuasion of ministers.Zhu Houzhao is very fond of the animals inside, but the animals are carnivorous. Once Zhu Houzhao was playing with a hungry leopard, the leopard suddenly rushed to Zhu Houzhao and fell on him and began to bite.Zhu likes his pet all the more after his pet came to his rescue.Because Zhu Houzhao indulged in his leopard house all the year round and did not deal with the government affairs for a long time, this slowly caused the dissatisfaction of the ministers in the dynasty and the dissatisfaction of the king.03 miserable death zhu Houzhao’s rebellious practice, caused the king of Ning Zhu Chen Hao rebellion to seize power, in the face of rebellion, Zhu Houzhao without a panic, but more excited.He decided to go on his own, but did not expect that before he reached the battlefield, he received the news that his men had succeeded in pacify the rebellion.Zhu Houzhao felt that he had been busy in vain, so he ordered king Ning to seize the hand of the king, let him in the rebellion, his own troops to calm the chaos, Zhu Houzhao’s idea, he frightened the ministers around.The reason for Zhu’s interest in military action was that two years earlier, when the Mongol prince suddenly attacked, Zhu had personally commanded and won the battle.He was also said to have beheaded an enemy, but Zhu was still not satisfied.After putting down king Ning’s rebellion, Zhu Houzhao did not return to the palace. Instead, he felt very hard to get out of the palace and must have a good time.Then in the side of the eunuch embrace under the south, the minister hurriedly remonstrated, but a long time of remonstrated, zhu Houzhao would not listen to the ministers.Zhu Houzhao in the play whim, want to go fishing by boat, there is no way, the ministers had to agree.Unexpectedly, there was an accident, the ship instability zhu Houzhao fell into the water, although ministers and guards to seize the time to rescue, but Zhu Houzhao still choke water, lungs have inhaled a lot of water.At that time, the medical treatment is not developed, Zhu Houzhao can only listen to the advice of the ministers back to the palace, Zhu Houzhao choking water, in the road bumpy road body is getting worse and worse.Coupled with the cold weather, Zhu Houzhao’s health is deteriorating day by day.Shortly after returning to the palace, zhu Houzhao, 30, died tragically in the leopard house he built.