Two consecutive days, focusing on epidemic prevention and control | guangxi no cases of the new home!

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No new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangxi from 0 to 24 on February 18.A total of 17 locally confirmed cases were discharged from hospital after recovery, including 16 in Baise city and one in Chongzuo.As of 24:00 On February 18, there were 242 locally confirmed cases in Guangxi, including 241 in Baise city and 1 in Nanning city.Two new confirmed cases were reported from abroad in Chongzuo, and three asymptomatic cases were reported in Chongzuo and Fangchenggang.Four asymptomatic imported cases were cured and discharged from hospital in Chongzuo city, and seven asymptomatic imported cases were removed from medical observation in Chongzuo City.There were 87 confirmed cases imported from abroad (69 in Chongzuo, 12 in Qinzhou and 6 in Fangchenggang), and 137 asymptomatic cases imported from abroad (129 in Chongzuo, 6 in Qinzhou, 1 in Nanning and 1 in Fangchenggang).On Tuesday, 30 people had new close contacts and 39 were released from medical observation, bringing the total number of close contacts to 5,357.Currently, there are 242 locally confirmed cases in The region, including 241 in Baise city, 1 in Nanning City, and 1 asymptomatic case in Chongzuo City (reported on December 8, 2021).A total of 1,021 confirmed cases have been reported in The region, including 690 cured and discharged from hospital, two deaths, and 329 confirmed cases under treatment.Source: Health Commission of The Autonomous Region, State Council client