Take the “Help Express” to run out of the “Acceleration” of Rural Revitalization in Huangzhong, Qinghai province

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The 2021 Central Conference on Rural Work and the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Effectively Connecting Consolidated and Expanded Poverty Alleviation Achievements with Rural Revitalization made arrangements for further consolidating poverty alleviation achievements and embarking on a new journey of rural revitalization. In accordance with the notification of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee,A new group of temporary cadres selected by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development went to huangzhong District, Xining city, Qinghai Province to carry out a new round of help work.”The majority of rural households in Huangzhong district still use dry latrines and burn firewood. Their ability and vision to plan their own village development are limited. Villagers have no good ideas for industrial development, and their medical and education levels are not high…””It’s a long way from some of the places I’ve been.”Huangzhong district is the first impression of suspended cadres, but also an objective fact.Go far away from home, sink behind the basic level, is a cadre who wants to do something practical for the common people here sincerely.Since the central government has carried out the work of fixed-point help, the cadres have overcome all kinds of difficulties, give full play to their advantages, and boost the work of counterpart help in Huangzhong District.In September 2021, through the contact of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 17 chief physicians of Shanghai Grade A Hospital went to Huangzhong for free diagnosis.The online course of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development opened to relevant medical workers in Huangzhong by orthopedics experts from the Third Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;Wang Jianguo, academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, national survey and design master, academician of Southeast University, came to Huangzhong to guide the town planning and construction of Lushar on site…The beautiful Huangzhong District.”The environment in the village is much better than in previous years. It is also clean. Water and electricity are very convenient.”People in Huangzhong District have really benefited. “The government helped to build a new house in our family, which has become less cold in winter these years.”In Tumenguan township, Huangzhong District, Li Qing is basking in the warm gallery.Rapeseed oil, honey, Duxiu handicrafts, Tibetan carpets…The promotion of featured products in Huangzhong District can be seen on platforms such as the construction system e-commerce poverty alleviation Center, public welfare housing construction, platform 832 and China Construction News. Since 2019, the total amount of consumption assistance carried out by various departments, enterprises and institutions of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has reached 3.24 million yuan in Huangzhong.With the “express train” of pair help, Huangzhong district is growing and forging ahead.In recent years, Huangzhong District has taken the lead in the construction of “inspirational love supermarket” in Qinghai Province to stimulate the enthusiasm of farmers. By participating in policy publicity, environmental remediation, voluntary labor and other social welfare activities, they can exchange points for goods.Combined with the good opportunity of establishing the demonstration province of green organic agricultural and livestock products, a number of demonstration projects of integrated development of rural industries, such as Xibao Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, Lijiashan Edible fungus cultivation industry and huangzhong Modern cattle and sheep breeding whole industry chain, have been implemented successively.Vegetable harvest in industrial base.Photo by Chen Qiming There are still many problems to be faced and solved on the way to progress.”How to stimulate the endogenous power and give full play to the advantages of holding the ‘golden rice bowl’ of cultural tourism?””There is a lot of work to train talent. How can we retain talent?””Huangzhong District construction labor brand gradually formed, in this process, how to improve the technical content, cultivate diversified technical work, improve the quality of labor force?”…There is a long way to go for rural revitalization. Facing many problems, Huangzhong District will explore the road in difficulties and seize opportunities in challenges. The new urban landscape of the plateau town is also slowly unfolding.(Editor: Liu Peiran, Zhang Liping) Share to let more people see