Yue Yunpeng’s New Year’s Eve dinner attracted more than 3 million viewers, and the comments section exploded

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Yue Yunpeng is one of my favorite crosstalk actors, his funny ability is obvious to all!Although Yue yunpeng is now very famous, he is still very simple and low-key in daily life. Even the New Year’s Eve dinner is very down-to-earth.The eight-course dinner is the biggest meal of the year, and Yue yue posted it on social media, with the caption: “Happy New Year to you all!Have you eaten yet?”The move has attracted more than 3 million viewers and 8,000 comments, many of them asking “What’s the filling?”Let’s take a look at what he ate for dinner on New Year’s Eve.Oyster sauce and lettuce lettuce is called “daughter vegetables”, homophonic “legacy”, this way oyster sauce lettuce moral good, especially suitable for the New Year to eat, and is simple, the pot boil water, add a little salt and a few drops of oil, boil, blanch lettuce in it, about 10 seconds, charged with dry, pour into the beforehand to season minced garlic oyster sauce.This dish of lettuce with less oil and salt is just right.Stir-fry spinach with pork liver until uncooked. Add marinated pork liver slices and stir-fry together. Season with a little salt and serve for 1 minute.Tender and smooth pig liver has the function of replenishing blood, combined with spinach meat and vegetable, rich nutrition, delicious.This is a henan characteristic food, is a big dish in the New Year’s Eve dinner, marinated pork belly cut into small strips, add egg paste to grasp, and then deep-fry until golden.The fried crisp meat into the bowl, doused with the sauce, into the pot fire steaming 1 and a half hours, crisp, tender and smooth mouth, fat but not greasy, small Yue Yue is henan people, naturally can not leave this belongs to the taste of home.Braised fish is an indispensable dish on New Year’s Eve.Eating fish on New Year’s Eve represents abundance and abundance every year.Most people will stick the skin off the pan when frying fish. We add salt to the frying pan, drain the water and fry the fish, do not turn it over, until it is almost turned over, so that the skin will not stick to the pan.When eating New Year’s Eve dinner, you also need to have some cool cold dishes to match. The blanched black fungus tremella and beat cucumber are put together and poured into the cold sauce (with vinegar soy sauce, chili oil and garlic). It is ok to eat crisp and refreshing, and it is very greasy.When it comes to braised pork in brown sauce, it is indispensable for every family’s New Year’s Eve dinner, which means “Prosperous Chinese New Year”. It is delicious and not greasy when braised with quail eggs, especially quail eggs, one bite at a time.Small Yue Yue home sun out of braised pork light so look very appetising.Yue yunpeng’s New Year’s Eve dinner is, of course, dominated by these two plates of red and green dumplings.Chinese New Year, dumplings of course to be prosperous, the red plate of dumplings seems to use dragon fruit pressed into juice, add flour and red dough, red dough and white dough combination into dumplings, so the color is more bright, and then there are small sesame seeds on top, very cute.And this dish of green dumplings, should be spinach and a little water pressed into green soup, green dough and white dough collocation, made into auspicious emerald dumplings, is really good-looking and colorful.It seems that the big star’s New Year’s Eve dinner is not much better than ordinary people, Yue Yunpeng is now so red, or a little star shelf is not, so down-to-earth actors are very few, looking forward to his next year to be able to stage again, for everyone to send joy!What do you think of Xiao Yue Yue’s New Year’s Eve dinner?Leave a comment in the comments section!