In 2022, the city’s public security work conference called for striving to build a higher level of safe Shangqiu

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The morning of February 8, the city public security bureau in 2022, the city’s public security meeting, earnestly study and implement general secretary xi important instructions about work of political science and law, public security, implement the central, provincial party committee, municipal committee of political science and law work conference and the sessions of the national public security bureau chief, the provincial public security bureau director of the conference spirit, the implementation of the provincial, municipal party congress and the provincial party committee, municipal committee of the economic work conference, deployment,Summary work, analysis of the situation, the deployment of tasks in 2022, the city’s public security organs of the organizations defender established “two”, resolutely do “two maintenance”, strengthen the “stand up bear mission and do their best for the people” the responsibility of the bear, ascension “serve the overall situation, the law enforcement for the people, for peace” ability level, risk prevention and control of keen insight into the kokang,We will be strict in our efforts to build a higher level of safe Shangqiu and create a safe and stable political and social environment for the party’s 20th National Congress.In 2021, the municipal party committee, municipal government and the superior public security organ under the strong leadership of the city’s public security organs to xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, closely around the city’s economic and social development overall situation, focusing on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the security stability subject lines, solid do a good job in risk prevention, security, stability, promoting development, the outbreak of war, flood,It has created a safe and stable political and social environment for promoting the high-quality development of the city’s economy and society.Mainly reflected in seven aspects: the implementation of major decisions and deployment more powerful, loyal police spirit has been forged;The underpinning of political security has been strengthened, and new achievements have been made in maintaining stability.To cope with the great war more calmly, to serve the people to hand over new answers;To fight crime more vigorously, to protect peace and create new achievements;The line of defense for security and stability has been strengthened, and a new outlook has emerged for social order.Basic work at the community level has been strengthened, and new driving forces have been gathered for each village (grid) and police.The appearance of the public security iron army is more pure, and the appearance of the team shows a new style.In 2021, 118 collectives and 863 individuals of the city’s public security organs were commended at or above the municipal level.The meeting stressed that the party’s 20 national Security and stability maintenance is affecting the city’s public security work this year “outline”, is the overriding central work.The city’s public security organs shall adhere to grasp, with eyes, focus, focus on the main business, firmly establish a “game”, carry forward the “delicate, exquisite, perfection” style, as a whole the time “dot” “line”, business and regional “face”, formed across the cycle, multi-dimensional, vertical arrangement deployment, promote each work into effect, achieve actual effect,We will resolutely achieve the work objectives of “taking strict precautions and ensuring safety”.We need to take a proactive and preemptive approach and resolutely safeguard political security.We need to take preventive measures in advance, keep the bottom line firmly, conduct investigations and resolve disputes on a regular basis, do a good job in maintaining stability through visits, do a solid job in public security letters and visits, and do all we can to maintain social stability.We will continue to open up new avenues and adopt multiple measures at the same time to take regular steps to crack down on organized crime and evil, crack down on serious violent crimes, intensify efforts to crack down on traditional crimes of theft, robbery and fraud, crack down on telecommunications and online fraud through innovation, and strengthen prevention and control of social events.We need to ensure essential safety, ensure closed-loop management, know our duties and responsibilities well, improve mechanisms, and effectively safeguard public security.We need to take the initiative and take bold actions to create a law-based business environment, deepen the reform of public security to delegate power, improve regulation and services, carry out the “Yellow River Operation”, actively participate in epidemic prevention and control, disaster reduction and prevention, and make every effort to serve high-quality economic and social development.It is necessary to adhere to the innovation-led, science and technology to strengthen the police, steadily promote the institutional reform of municipal and county public security organs, deepen and improve the operational mechanism of the integration of “love, diligence and geography”, deepen the construction and application of big data, and deepen the reform of police operation system and mechanism.We will continue to cover all areas of law enforcement, improve the system of law enforcement standards, improve the intelligent law enforcement management system, promote the application of law enforcement and case handling management centers, and further promote the development of the rule of law and public security.We will continue to strengthen the foundation of public security, strengthen the development of police stations, deepen the strategy of “one village (station), one police station”, reduce the burden of community communities and empower them, and lay a solid foundation for public security work.The meeting called for political construction as the leadership, closely around the general requirements of “four sentences, 16 words”, adhere to political police building, build a loyal police soul;Adhere to strict police discipline, temper excellent police;Adhere to the quality of strong police, enhance professional ability;Adhere to the excellent waiting for the police, stimulate the vitality of the team, promote the “four modernizations” construction of the public security team with the spirit of self-revolution, and continue to forge the “three absolute” and “four iron” high-quality and excellent Shangqiu public security iron army.Must strengthen the sense of responsibility, bear spirit, in order to “ability style construction year” for the gripper, to concentrate on the “early”, “rate”, “new”, “quasi”, “thin”, “optimal” six aspects, to ensure that all work measures to carry out the ground, high quality to complete the task, for the “two guarantees” in the whole province in shangqiu strengthened rushed, more brilliant contribution to the public security forces in the big picture,With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.