Whether a man can depend on his son in his old age depends on what kind of wife he marries

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I’ve got wine and tea, you’ve got stories, come to me.Click “Follow” and you’re mine.Dong Zhongshu: “the gentleman does not hide its short, do not know to ask, can not learn.”In today’s parlance, it is a question of self-knowledge.Self-aware people, modest and prudent, will not deliberately cover up their shortcomings, but shortcomings as their own space for growth, the learn to learn, the ask to ask, the adjustment of the adjustment.People without self-knowledge tend to be self-centered, thinking they are already perfect and don’t need to learn or follow anyone’s advice.In their eyes, everyone who disagrees with them is not as smart as they are.The truth is, no one is perfect, no one in this world is perfect.In the process of growing up, everyone needs constant learning to improve themselves.Not only should you be self-aware and recognize your shortcomings, but you should not become angry when others point out your problems, but you should take a hard look at whether you have a problem.This is not only a person should follow the guidelines, but also the need to follow the guidelines in interpersonal communication.The same applies to all kinds of interpersonal interactions, including those involved in marriage.Let’s take a look at the problems caused by her brother’s marriage.Teacher Donglin, hello: just because some women are bullied in her husband’s house, can we say that all women are bullied in her husband’s house?Just because some mothers-in-law aren’t good mothers-in-law, does that mean all mothers-in-law aren’t good mothers-in-law?I think women should not use this mentality of going with the flow to treat marriage, otherwise it may accidentally hurt the in-laws, and ultimately to their own disadvantage.My sister-in-law, for example, did not bother to contact our family before she got married, did not do any understanding and preparation, but preconceived that our family is not good, that my mother is not a good mother-in-law, that I am a troublesome sister-in-law.Who is to blame for the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and sister-in-law?It was clearly her own fault!It is as painful for a person to treat a bad person as a good person, as it is for another person to treat a good person as a bad person.Both of these problems are due to a lack of understanding and communication, and are irresponsible to themselves.My sister-in-law fell into the latter category, thinking my mother and I were the bad guys.It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like me, because I’m married and not living with her.But she didn’t like my mother, and it was only painful to bring my mother, because my mother needed to live with her and my brother.My father is gone, my mother a person to manage the marriage of children, brother and sister-in-law have what reason not to give my mother endowment?Is there any reason not to live with her?Is there any reason why she shouldn’t live at home?My brother was a very filial man before he got married, but he has changed since he got married, obviously because of my sister-in-law.Either because he’s henpecked or because my sister-in-law is pushy, either way.No matter which kind of possibility, he can’t even lead his filial piety, even this kind of thing all have to obey my sister-in-law, but my sister-in-law can’t bear to see my mother, it is conceivable that my mother will suffer many grievances.I didn’t know at first, but I thought my mom and the couple were getting along.It was not until one day when my mother came to our house with her luggage that I knew she was kicked out by my sister-in-law and told me in tears how much she had been wronged by her brother and sister-in-law.I can’t stand it!Ran directly to elder brother and sister-in-law’s home to find my sister-in-law account!I asked her: “My mother bought the house, why not let her live?”She said, “Let her come!I’m getting a divorce tomorrow!Isn’t that what you want?Don’t you like to bully me as an outsider?I will do it!”I asked her if she had any tricks besides blackmail: “Just play hard-to-get, and I’ll bet you don’t want a divorce!”When I found out what she was up to, she changed the subject, said my mom wasn’t a good mother-in-law.I asked her what evidence she had that my mother was not a good mother-in-law.Her answer proved how stupid she was: “You don’t need proof of that. You’re a woman and your mother-in-law is definitely not a good mother-in-law.All women are the same. They are bullied by their mothers-in-law after marriage. All mothers-in-law are bad mothers-in-law.”I didn’t talk to her any more, because it didn’t matter how much I talked. She was so self-centered that she couldn’t listen to others’ advice. My words were just pearls before swine to her.I’m sure she’ll shoot herself in the foot sooner or later, because when she gets rid of my mom, she’ll turn on my brother, and then it’s time to pick on him.The day my brother can’t stand her, she’ll get what she deserves.Dong Lin-Xiting affection advice: In interpersonal communication, there is a rule called “easy to talk about”, but this rule only works for normal people, such as the reader’s sister-in-law, she is not willing to talk about, how can you tell her?The person who never thinks he is wrong will come crashing down because he is not as good as he thinks he is.The blind drive to think they are perfect when they are not leads them to repeat mistakes.Small mistakes may get away with, but big ones will.From what she had said to her sister-in-law, it was certain that she would fall on her own hands.She said “all daughter-in-law will be mother-in-law bullying,” said “all her mother-in-law is not a good mother,” she’s the logic of “biased” certainly not only for old woman daughter-in-law relation and period of relationship, can also according to her husband, for others, it will make her constantly make mistakes, because someone can’t stand her and punish her.I hope others will check to see if they have her logic, and if they do, change it, because you don’t represent everyone individually, and neither do you and your friends put together.Don’t be too quick to say what everyone else is like, first you manage, is the key.