Snow is great reward in gannan | 32 picture to tell you, the silver in the world the most beautiful winter

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Sentient creation, yuan endowment beginning ling2 han2 not dry, dry snow not proud, cold and don’t forget to dress in the shallow sing sing snow Reflected landscape taking is beginning first suspected fairyland on earth these changeable picture is from the mountains to the grasslands in gannan from towns to villages of gannan snow, is always very charming in the wind bell crunchy, snow near the temple when the golden light up Bai Xueman eyebrow eye,Bow — surplus old people is the snow was put into the house the earth except the swaying pastels and only boundless silence fell for the temple of the pure snow can hear the soul tremor vast between dispersed at the end of the road drifted in from the sky fell silent, and flawless, and turned himself into a congested to gannan one deep love feeling suddenly ran with awning to gannan a fairy tale fantasy snow MuGui,Still like the world is fairyland that mountain, that water, that road even seems to be thin wheat stand snow in the silver fantasy heart and hometown of the distance infinitely closer