Muli County federation of Trade unions in yiji township yuchu village to carry out forest grassland fire prevention work

2022-07-20 0 By

According to the work requirements of the household responsibility system of Lianxiang Bao Village, “no less than 5 people are dispatched to each village daily” and “the daily dispatch shall be regularly rotated, and each batch of personnel shall be dispatched for 10 days”, the Federation of Trade Unions of Muli County settled down to Yuchu Village of Yji Township of Bao Village on schedule to carry out the supervision of forest and grassland fire prevention and control.The sinking group made clear their work responsibilities, carried out fire supervision and inspection of forest and grassland by way of household entry, and carried out backpacks in the farmers at the forest edge.By visiting households and holding ten joint insurance meetings, the sinking group explained the incentive mechanism of “551” and “55215” to the farmers in down-to-earth and easy to understand language, met with the villagers and villages to continue to implement the “1710” working method, supervised the observation posts and checked the implementation of the “seven-step method” at the stations, and inquired about forest and grassland fire prevention regulations and policies.With the tomb-sweeping day approaching, the sinking group line of farmers, to enhance awareness of crisis, maintain a high degree of vigilance, fire is the natural enemy of forest grassland, only to ensure that the source of fire does not enter the mountain, not in the forest area smoking, not in the forest area with fire in the field, in order to prevent man-made fire, in order to keep the green mountains.During the Qingming Festival, the publicity of civilized sacrifice has been increased, and the masses have been guided to offer sacrifices to civilization such as flowers and no incense burning, so as to do a solid job of fire prevention and control in forests and grasslands during the Qingming Festival.(Muli County Federation of Trade Unions)