Focus interviews: Sprint!The stars of the Winter Olympics are poised to win

2022-07-20 0 By news (focus interview) : The Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is just around the corner.Such as the establishment of the Chinese sports delegation, the torch relay and so on are attracting much attention.Just this morning, as one of the most important cultural events of the Games, the Olympic torch relay was launched.About 1,200 torchbearers will carry the torch from today to Thursday in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, including 11 closed relay areas outside the closed loop and one independent relay area inside the closed loop.The first torchbearer is Luo Zhihuan, China’s world champion speed skater.As for the establishment of the Chinese sports delegation and the training and participation of Chinese athletes in the Winter Olympics, the reporter of Focus interview interviewed the secretary general of the Chinese sports delegation.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay officially began on The morning of February 2.About 1,200 torchbearers, including space hero Jing Haipeng, Academician Ye Peijian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yao Ming, president of the Chinese Basketball Association, will carry the torch from February 2 to 4.As the first torchbearer carnegie-give chun is very interesting, he is China’s first world champion of ice and snow sports, the 57th man speed skating world championships in 1963, he in 2 minutes, 09 seconds 2 grades created a new record for the world championships 1500 meters, became China’s first speed skating world champion, also let China’s ice and snow sports first stood in the top of the world.Luo Zhihuan, 81, has never been prouder to carry the Beijing Winter Olympics torch, cheering for the Chinese Olympic team.Luo Zhihuan, the Beijing 2022 torchbearer and China’s first world speed skating champion, said: “Hosting the Winter Olympics on Beijing’s doorstep shows that our country is thriving. It is my wish to carry the torch and pass on the spirit of the older generation.I hope our country to participate in the Winter Olympics athletes, hard work, hard work, come on!”It is also the spirit and pursuit of the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.On January 27, the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympics was officially established.The total number of Chinese sports delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics is 387, including 176 athletes, 94 more than the pyeongchang Winter Olympics 82 athletes, which is the largest size of The Chinese sports delegation at the Winter Olympics.The Chinese delegation includes a large number of athletes and a wide range of ages, ranging from veteran athletes such as Wu Dajing, Qi Guangpu and CAI Xuetong who have competed in winter Olympics for many times to young athletes such as Gu Ailing, Su Yiming and Ning Zhongyan who are making their winter Olympics debut.And many young athletes, is also a major feature of the Chinese sports delegation.Athletes born in the 2000s account for about a quarter of the total.With the Beijing Winter Olympics coming up soon, these athletes are eager to participate in such a sporting event on their home turf.Like Gu ailing and Su Yiming, 131 of the 176 athletes in China’s sports delegation, or 74.43 percent of the total, are taking part in the Winter Olympics for the first time.That is to say, most of the athletes of the Chinese sports delegation are trained and selected by Beijing cycle.This is not only for the achievements of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also for the long-term development of Ice and snow sports in China.”Youth is power, youth is hope and youth is the foundation,” said Ni Huizhong, secretary-general of the Chinese delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics and director of the Winter Sports Management Center under the General Administration of Sport of China. “This group of young people will be a solid foundation for the development of ice and snow sports in China in the future.”To lay a solid foundation for the future development of ice and snow sports in China, on the one hand, young athletes should be trained, and at the same time, more events should be actively expanded to make up for shortcomings.The realization of “full event participation” is a major highlight of the Chinese sports delegation of this Winter Olympic Games.Ni huizhong said: “We have achieved 7 events, 15 events in the full competition, there are 100 events in real-time competition, there are still four events in the competition to challenge the qualification, to achieve the goal of participating in the whole event.”Therefore, the Chinese sports delegation has also become this Winter Olympic Games all participating delegations, with Russia, the United States as a few to achieve 7 major events, 15 sub-events of the delegation to participate in the whole project.Among them, there are 35 events for the first time appeared Chinese athletes figure, including freestyle skiing 7 events, alpine skiing 6 events, ski jumping 1 event, no doubt this is a very big breakthrough in China’s ice and snow sports.In 2015, when Beijing won the right to host the Winter Olympics, China had never held a third of the 109 events.At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, China represented about half of the events.So far, Chinese athletes have qualified for 194 seats in 104 events, accounting for 95.4 percent of the 109 events.It was an achievement that amazed the world, and it was not easy to come by.Looking back, the needle goes back to seven years ago, when Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympics.The success of China’s bid for the Winter Olympics has been celebrated across the country, but it has also posed a huge challenge to China’s ice and snow sports.Due to the influence of region and environment, China’s ice and snow sports started late and the development level is low, and many events are even blank.To host a successful Winter Olympics, the host has to make up for its shortcomings in snow and ice.”When the general secretary visited us in 2017, he proposed to reinforce our weaknesses.It is a strategic judgment made in view of the historical situation of the development of snow and ice sports in China, where ice is strong and snow is weak, and summer events are better than winter events. The specific action indicator is to make up for shortcomings.”To make up the short board, we must first solve the problem of shortage of athletes and regional conditions.”In the past, winter sports didn’t have such a large talent pool, which must have been very difficult,” ni said. “In the past, it was all about competition. In summer sports, talent was found through four selection platforms: county Games, city games, provincial games and national Games.But winter sports have not been carried out, where will the selection of talent?An important requirement is to cross boundaries and cross disciplines.”After the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the country launched an attempt to select athletes for winter sports across the country.Many athletes from track and field, martial arts, boxing and other sports have been selected into the national training team for winter sports.Many of these athletes have always lived in the south and have little contact with even snow and ice.About one-fifth of the 176 Athletes in China’s Olympic delegation trained in snow and ice sports through cross-sport, and nearly half of the athletes in snow sports came from cross-sport athletes.These athletes are not familiar with snow and ice sports, to be able to shine in the Beijing Winter Olympics, in addition to unremitting efforts, China’s rapid development of science and technology for them to plug in “wings”.In laiyuan National Ski jumping Scientific Research and training Base in Baoding, Hebei province, there is a ski jumping wind tunnel laboratory, which is a very high-tech training tool for snow events.In the process of the Chinese sports delegation preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, there are many high-tech means and equipment like this.They are very effective in helping coaches to make scientific training programs and help athletes to improve their competitive level quickly.It can be said that science and technology is an important means for The Chinese sports delegation to achieve rapid growth and leapfrog.The Olympic Games is a grand event shared by all mankind. Openness and sharing are also important concepts in China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics.There are 51 foreign teachers among the coaches of China’s Olympic sports delegation.Such figures fully reflect China’s commitment to the long-term development of ice and snow sports with an open and pragmatic attitude.”We compared a series of shortcomings, the barrel theory,” ni said. “The shortest is the coach’s board. In a third of the new sports, we have no coach at all.This can be said to be the bottleneck of our neck and restrict our development. Foreign coaches pass skills to our athletes hand in hand, and gradually lead a group of local coaches to grow up. Their presence makes China snow and ice quickly integrate into the international family of snow and ice.”Thanks to the continuous efforts of all parties, many athletes in the Chinese sports delegation have achieved good results in world competitions in recent years.Athletes such as CAI Xuetong and Su Yiming won the championship in the World Cup.These results are an epitome of the continuous struggle and progress of the Chinese ice and snow team, and the best testimony of the gradual development and vitality of the Chinese ice and snow sports.The upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games will also have more exciting fighting spirit and wonderful moments presented on the ice and snow stage.On the morning of January 25, more than 100 athletes and coaches of the Chinese delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to Tian ‘anmen Square to watch the flag-raising ceremony and take the oath of starting the campaign.Tonight, curling mixed doubles, the opening match of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, will be held at the National Aquatics Center ice Cube.After years of preparation, years of hard work and many times of hard work, China snow and ice have grown from small to large and from weak to strong.Some competitive events have consolidated their world-class status, and many events that have never been carried out before have gained the Olympic qualification. The competitive strength of ice and snow sports has been significantly improved.There is no doubt that Chinese and foreign athletes will bring us more wonderful and pleasant surprises in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Editor: Liu Zhilin