Cultivated land 9.4731 million mu, garden land 3.4653 million mu of Linyi land “three adjustment” data released

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In Linyi client on February 7, our city’s third land survey (referred to as “three”) data released.The survey found out the land category, area, distribution and ownership of 1.83 million plots in the city.The “three surveys” was officially launched in September 2018 and lasted for three years. The results of data, analysis, maps, system platforms and special investigations were made by comprehensively investigating the city’s land use status as of December 31, 2019, and establishing land survey databases at city and county levels.In terms of data results, the land category, area, distribution and ownership of 1.83 million parcels in The city were identified by December 31, 2019 as the unified time point.The state of land use in 13 first-level categories and 56 second-level categories such as cultivated land and wetland has been mastered. (Data from the “Third survey” show that the city has 9.4731 million mu of cultivated land, 3.4653 million mu of garden land, 5.1456 million mu of forest land, 228,800 mu of grassland, 17,100 mu of wetland, 4.3549 million mu of urban and village land and industrial and mining land.692,000 mu of land for transportation, 1,395,500 mu of land for water and water conservancy facilities).Special investigation results, completed the arable land for the construction of refinement, approval is not right to use construction land, cultivated land quality classification, scope of reserve cultivated land resources, natural protected area boundary, development zones and other nine countries and provincial land use special investigation, at the same time corresponding completed the town village market, wood processing industry and agricultural facilities and three city special investigation.Face newspaper melt media reporter Chu Feifei