As the educational supervision is effective, teachers can get two performance awards and performance pay in the future

2022-07-20 0 By

Education supervisor immediately, the teacher can take two performance, performance award and performance-based pay today saw an special comments, some netizens said according to related provisions in his area, awarding subsidy programs, such as performance appraisal award, award of spiritual civilization, ping an health prize will simply stop execution, performance bonus, issued to personnel in government institutions in theAt present, the municipal finance will pay 35,000 yuan per person in advance, and the performance bonus will be changed and reissued after the official plan is approved.If this is true, then in the future, the performance bonus of government organs and public institutions will be completely different from the performance pay of compulsory education teachers. After all, the so-called performance pay of teachers is actually deducted from the basic salary of teachers to motivate teachers. In other words,As a teacher is not necessarily can get the 100% but their own money, with this institution staff performance bonus is completely different, of course, the good news is that most teachers just belongs to the category of business unit, the compulsory phase teachers may be in two performance, performance bonus and merit pay, hope to hurry up,So that the compulsory teachers can really enjoy the dividend.Do not look good but also have a net friend said that unless the country as a whole as a whole, will not lead to “air conditioning”, otherwise may can not get the two back, in fact or optimistic point of view, since the relevant departments to teachers’ salaries are not lower than that of civil servants after the average wage level, the parties must have struggled to complete this policy,Many places even to swallow the difference back to the teacher handed out the exclusive lump-sum award wages of civil servants, teachers good prospects, expect teachers to get early authority issued by the institution of performance bonus and performance incentive pay and exclusive attack without reason, if all region can implement, compulsory education teachers’ wages will not be difficult.