A sudden!The country is in a state of emergency

2022-07-20 0 By

Sri Lankan President Pervez Gotabaya declared a state of public emergency in the country on April 1, local time.The president has used strict laws that allow the military to arrest and detain suspects without trial.He said in a statement that the state of public emergency was declared to “protect public order and maintain essential services for community life.”The country of 22 million people is facing severe shortages of essential goods, sharp price increases and severe power outages.Police on The night of April 1 reimposed a nighttime curfew in western province, including the capital Colombo.Earlier in the evening, dozens of protesters demonstrated at a busy intersection in the capital calling for the president to step down.Protests are reported to have spread to the south, north and centre of the country.Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency and protests have taken place in many parts of the country.More than 5000 people arrested!Ministry of Public Security severely strikes two markets 97 positive!Halt!Halt!Putin’s latest statement!Got it. Start with these…Stay tuned!