What does OCD stand for

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Ocd is an acronym for obsessive-Compulsive disorder.1, the English abbreviation of obsessive-compulsive disorder is OCD, O means compulsive thinking, C means compulsive behavior.D) A disorder characterized by obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviorOne of the two most important diagnostic criteria for OCD is obsessive thinking, obsessive behavior, or both.2, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a kind of neurosis mainly manifested by forced ideas and forced actions.With conscious self-force and conscious self-anti-force at the same time for the characteristics of patients know that the continued existence of forced symptoms meaningless and unreasonable, but can not refrain from repeated, the more attempt to resist, the more tension and pain.3, ocd patients aware of their own ideas and behavior goes against the normal, but can’t control, can’t get rid of, and thus feel anxiety and pain, can increase, because of some stress factors of the personality characteristics of a more prominent force characteristics, expression is hidebound, indecision, too careful, desire for perfection, strive for accurate, etc.