Qingming Festival tourist attractions recommended youyang Taohuayuan tour guide free voice tour guide bass

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Unitary Yang unitary Yang shangri-la scenic area is located in chongqing tujia and miao autonomous county, karst geological wonders, Qin Jin farming culture, tujia folk culture, the natural ecological culture, enrich the original ecological natural pastoral scenery of beauty in the wuling mountain areas in China, inheriting the tujia and miao long cultural history and splendid culture.It is an ideal tourist destination for modern people to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, enter the countryside of Qin and Jin Dynasties, explore the geological wonders and return to the green paradise.1. The land features of Taohuayuan are similar to those written by Tao Yuanming, and many scenic spots are named after some scenes in The Book, which is also written in the original text on a large stone tablet.2. There are many caves in Taohuayuan, in which there are stalactites of various shapes. In combination with the natural environment of the cave, it presents a shocking picture, like fog, rain and wind.Transportation: Self-drive: Chongqing-Xiang high-speed direct, youyang station off the highway, about 15 minutes to reach Taohuayuan.Free line: (1) chongqing four kilometers long distance bus station, unitary manufactory, Beijing station, about after you get off to walk or take a taxi to the shangri-la scenic area (2) at the gate of chongqing north station, unitary Yang station, transfer to a bus after you get off the bus, train station, unitary activation of south bus station) to get off, take bus no. 101 bus to taoyuan gold bank – through the peach garden square, that is.Special food: Mawang duck, xiaohe rape soup, Tujia rape soup, steamed sheep’s feet, wild fish, oil wrapped son, zongba, turtledove tofu and so on.This abstract is selected from the network, if any infringement please contact the bass to delete.