How good was the opening ceremony?After watching the national football team one elder brother moved, lost Vietnam after the first voice: proud

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How strong was the Opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?Many people said that this is the aesthetic ceiling, some people said that the world may be difficult to be surpassed, so god can see zhang Yimou from a side how fierce!China lost 3-1 to Vietnam on The first day of the New Year and was eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar, leaving fans furious.China’s subsequent elimination of Japan in the semifinals of the Asian Cup served to underscore just how vulnerable the men’s team is.According to the reporter, many people of the men’s football team watched the battle of the Women’s football team between China and Japan, but they did not have a voice after the game, after all, they knew they had no face to respond.But after watching Zhang Yimou’s opening ceremony in Beijing, Wu Lei, China’s top national football player, was so moved that he couldn’t help speaking out, Posting a photo of himself watching the opening ceremony, saying: “Proud!”This is also wu Lei in the national football team after the loss of the first voice.In the comments section, there were naturally many people to criticize the men’s football team for having no sense of shame and shame. Wu Lei expressed his surprise to the opening ceremony even though he was not afraid of being scolded. In addition to patriotic feelings, it can only show that Lao Mozi’s artistic expression ability is really too strong.At the opening ceremony, when the Chinese delegation came on the stage at the end, the background music turned into a passionate “Ode to the Motherland”, and the volume was instantly turned up. The audience stood up and cheered, making people feel the strength of the motherland!And the opening ceremony of the number one goddess, naturally to naturalize gu Ailing!The tall legs of the beautiful girl, a red dress charming, on behalf of the Chinese team to the future together, she also became everyone competing to take pictures of the object, goddess of the popularity of the index can be seen!Good luck to Gu Ailing, who is expected to win an Olympic gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.