Suvs for young people, the exterior is very ambitious, the interior is very sci-fi, two power, Changan Uni-t

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At present, young car design has become a major trend, whether sedan or SUV, young sports coupe design is more and more popular.Today we are talking about a coupe style sport SUV, from Changan Uni-t model, which is very suitable for young people.Uni-t is the first model in the Changan Gravity series, and the new “borderless” grille front face is very sci-fi.Despite the fact that the Changan Uni-T has a very sporty sci-fi look, Changan has introduced a sporty version of the uni-T, adding more sports kits to the 1.5T sporty flagship model.The changan UNI-T’s front face is very eye-catching. First of all, the split lamp is designed. The inner sharp Angle of the upper daytime running lamp is the most sharp and sharp in the current production model, while the near and far light lamp is hidden in the triangular grille on both sides of the middle net.Borderless grid grid area is large, parametric array grid layout visual effect is very cool, the bottom of the front bar with a very prominent spoiler shovel shape, the whole front face looks very domineering.The side is a sliding back style sedan car, the lower waist line of the window is low in front and high in back, and the waist line of the rear is raised together to form a dynamic visual effect.In addition to the black roof, the wheel eyebrows are also painted in black, and the underside of the body also comes with a sports envelope kit, and the use of red decorative thread, the overall very young and sporty.The Changan UniT’s styling creates the look of a high-performance sports car, starting with a very large spoiler on the roof, an aerodynamically designed spoiler in the middle of the bottom of the rear bar, and an irregularly shaped double-sided exhaust pipe.The taillight’s shape echoes the headlamp, and the sharp Angle’s shape is also very sharp.The interior design of the new car also has a high level of appearance, the overall style is also very avant-garde science fiction.The three-frame flat bottom steering wheel shape is very chic and capable, and the 12.3-inch suspended double screen is equipped with the “SuperFast” chip, which is highly intelligent and technological, and achieves the accessibility communication and companions of people and cars.In terms of details, the electronic gear lever used in the new car is also unique, looking very sci-fi, very sophisticated.The seat surfaces are perforated in a tech-style pattern, and the headrest and leg rest are wrapped in alcantara-like material to further enhance the class.In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4515 (4580) /1870 (1905) /1565mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2710mm, positioning as a compact SUV.Although the appearance is a sliding back coupe style, but its rear space performance is still satisfactory, especially a large panoramic skylight to create a good sense of opening.For power, the Changan Uni-T offers 1.5T and 2.0T power, with maximum power of 188 HP and 233 HP respectively, matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch and 8-speed hand-operated all-in-one transmission.Power parameters are prominent in the class.In general, this Changan UNI-T is very suitable for young people in terms of interior design and excellent power performance. In addition, Changan recently released the UNI Service brand, which provides better protection for owners in all aspects. Interested car owners can have a look.