New Year go grass-roots | bamboo shoots miao Village: Miao song singing celebrate the New Year

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Miao compatriots in the New Year visit relatives and friends together to drink oil tea rednet moment Huaihua On February 3 (Jingzhou Rong media center reporter Li Xiaofang Wang Can) “thirty years to eat rice, the first is the New Year, is the New Year and the New Year, the New Year and the New Year, the old and the young three classes happy.”On the Spring Festival, the miao compatriots in the Miao village sang out their joy for a better life.Wu Caihe, a villager, starts preparing oil tea for the Spring Festival early in the morning.Oil, salt, tea and water boil together into boiling tea. After brewing the main ingredients in the bowl, the aroma of a bowl is overflowing, looking at the multicolor, and the crispy and delicious oil tea is made, so that friends and relatives who come to visit the home feel the taste of home.After drinking oil tea, Wu Caihe wrote down New Year’s couplets by hand and affixed the word “fu” to make the whole family look brand-new.Wu Zhanxue has opened a homestay in his village in recent years, and his income is getting better and better.Homemade cured pork is also a favorite gift for tourists.During the Spring Festival, he prepared rice with preserved pork in the Miao family for the guests who came to visit relatives and friends, implying that the coming year will be prosperous and life will be flourishing.In recent years, Relying on the local beautiful landscape and miao culture, Disun Miao Village has actively developed rural tourism, and the villagers have also made great strides on the road of rural revitalization.Source: Jingzhou Rong Media Center author: Li Xiaofang Wang Can Editor: Yang Lingxia