Silly head cold want to ask for sick leave, but liu grandma how all don’t believe silly head!

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Idiot has a cold and wants to ask for sick leave.But Liu felt he was fooling himself.Don’t believe in taking the lead.No matter how silly head proves that he really caught a cold, Grandma Liu still does not believe.At this moment, Grandma Liu just turned her head.Stupidhead sneezed and directly sprayed his nose onto Grandma Liu’s head.According to xiaobian’s understanding, now the weather is gradually.Everyone must wear more clothes to avoid catching cold.If you encounter a cold, be sure to go to the hospital in time for treatment.Take the lead cold wants to ask for leave result Liu, result Liu grandma does not believe her, result foolish head directly spray nose to liu Grandma’s head.Grandma Liu selected the team to take part in the tug-of-war.But one member was missing at the end.Granny Liu turned to a foolish head, foolish head is rural, affirmation strength is larger.So he let the fool go.As a result, Grandma Liu saw this scene of tug-of-war.Crying, I really miscalculated.That’s the end of this comic. See you next time!Foolish head to learn “swimming”, even the simplest “dog paddle and breaststroke” can’t learn!Prosperous wealth birthday, foolish head sent him a cream cake, but also specially wrote a few words on it!