Originally, Yuanxiao is the Chinese Valentine’s Day

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Edge from the beginning, love finally stick to, love longer than company.When it comes to Chinese Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is “Qixi festival”.In fact, Tanabata is the “Girls’ Day”, which is about women praying for good luck and begging for skills.In ancient China, Valentine’s Day is actually yuanxiao, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.Ouyang Xiu has a poem: on the head of willow, people about dusk.In the Lantern Festival, young men and women through the opportunity to enjoy lanterns, and love to talk about meeting, so this day also created countless beautiful couples.01 edge began to see the ancients said: life if only such as first, what autumn wind sad picture fan.Meet for the first time, must be good, all the time is happy.Lantern Festival, look at the lights also look at people.Meet in the sky lanterns, love is the beginning of the most romantic.Li qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng met on Lantern Festival.The lanterns were like stars and the fireworks were like dreams. Zhao Mingcheng met the poetess on the bridge.He fell in love with Li Qingzhao at first sight and invited her to enjoy the lantern and solve puzzles.Back, Zhao Mingcheng tea do not think, do not want to eat.His father is aware of different, Zhao Mingcheng gave his father a word puzzle: words and department together (word), an has taken off (female), zhifu grass pull (husband).Meaning: oneself want to be the husband of ci woman.His father understood, a few days to the Lee family visited the employment, to fulfill the marriage.Eileen Chang said, “Among thousands of people, you meet the one you want to meet.In thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness, there is no step earlier, no step later.”Not too early or too late, just you, this is the fate given by god.No matter how the outcome, a good love, to live up to the fate of the arrangement.In the pear garden drama Chen SAN and Huang Wu Niang, Chen SAN and Huang Wu Niang meet on the Lantern Festival.Chen Sanshu read poetry, five niang elegant conversation.In the sky lanterns, two people fell in love at first sight, love each other.In order to stay together, Chen Sanyi jie scholar, conceal identity, willing to enter the Huangfu slave for three years.Huang Wu Niang also refused to marry her parents and eloped with Chen SAN.After many hardships, the lovers shall be well, Jack shall have Jill.Liu Ruoying said, “Love is the superstition of the right place at the right time.”Sometimes, we are always a little less courage, can not be sure that the people in front of us is their destiny.Hesitate, do not dare to pay all, ultimately regret life.Love, is the need for this indomitable superstition, brave to pursue, only this, not yourself, not his lover.There is a story in The Poem of Skill in tang Dynasty.Princess Lechang, the younger sister of Chen Shubao, the emperor of the Southern Dynasty, married Xu Deyan, a jiangnan wit.Later, the Southern Dynasty Chen fell, princess Lechang was taken north.When she left, she broke a mirror in two, leaving half for her husband and half for herself.They agreed: after the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, they would peddle bronze mirrors in the streets of Chang ‘an until they found each other.A few years later, Xu Deyan finally found a peddler in Chang ‘an, and the broken mirror was restored.Princess Lechang had become general Yang Su’s mistress.Yang Su saw Princess Lechang and her husband’s deep friendship, perfect 2 people, husband and wife to be reunited.Princess Lechang and her husband Xu Deyan cherish each other and spend the rest of their lives together after they return to Jiangnan.The two died at the same time in the ten years of Zhenguan emperor Taizong of tang Dynasty, and the husband and wife were buried together. The burial products are said to be the bronze mirror that made them separate and compound.That’s where the story of a broken mirror coming together comes from.Never forget, there will be echoes.For love, in addition to the beauty of the first, there is loyalty to stick to.Predestined people may be separated, but love will meet again sooner or later.At the end of the Song Dynasty, war broke out and Chen pengju and his wife were separated.Before leaving, the wife took out a embroidered shoe for her husband’s straw sandals, crying, “I hope we can meet again with shoes in the future.”Thirty years later, when the world was stable, Chen Pengju participated in politics because of his military achievements.He searched everywhere with embroidered shoes and finally found his wife in a nunnery.His wife had waited 30 years for him, and he had been single for 30 years.Shoes have become a pair, Chen Pengju also re married his wife home, two people together.Zhang xiaoxian said: “Don’t give up until the last minute. It’s not lucky to get something good at the end.Sometimes, there must be a painstaking effort in the front, there is a chance encounter behind.”People have joys and sorrows, the moon waxes and wanes.Love is not just spending time together, there are ups and downs, bumpy road.But people who love, they get together.The Lantern Festival is the first full moon of the New Year.On this day, people light lanterns and silently pray for the fulfillment of love and life.Love is longer than to accompany yuanxiao’s romance, is to look at the lights with you, see all the beautiful scenery of the city.The most beautiful scenery, must accompany the most loved one to see is meaningful.So on this day, those who travel together arm in arm to see the lights, is the happiest people.In the Qing Dynasty, women were forbidden to go out during the Lantern Festival.Shen Fu, a gifted scholar, dressed up as a boy in order to watch the temple fair with his wife and stroll around lanterns.Yun Niang looked at himself in the mirror, could not help laughing out loud.They swaggered around suzhou city, enjoying the romance and beauty of the festival.When they met acquaintances, they would be brothers. Yun Niang would learn to be a man and wander around looking at the lights all the way.Many people say that marriage is the tomb of love, because there is no romance, no passion in marriage.But love is not a myth, it is the companionship and sharing of plain life.I would like to accompany you to see the prosperity of the world, to accompany you through the trough of life.No matter what, we stand side by side.Su Shi was banished to Huangzhou, Huizhou, all the way through the clouds always accompany around.From studying abroad to the countryside, Yang jiang and Qian Zhongshu supported each other and shared hardships.Du Fu was unsuccessful all his life and his wife Yang never abandoned him.Deep feeling is not long with, love without much to say.The true meaning of love is waiting for you, accompanying and sharing.To share morning bells and evening drums with you is the longest confession of love.Chinese Valentine s Day is reserved.There is no western warm, but it believes in fate, believe in persistence, believe in the plain.Like the night sky, although not dazzling, but also exudes a gentle and romantic light.Edge from the beginning, love finally stick to, love longer than company.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, may you be like the full moon, full of sweet thoughts, with your lover’s hand, walk side by side, go to the end of life.Welcome to pay attention to @Ze Guang Academy , let the mind enrich life.Reading can inspire people with wisdom and nourish them with integrity.