On the second day of the lunar New Year, I punched yangjiabu

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Hanting Yangjiabu Folk Art Grand View Garden, every Spring Festival has a wonderful Lantern Festival.I have been here many times before, but I came here again this year.When the lights came on, I drove over and found cars parked on both sides of Futing Street and Fenghua Road.I was heading for the south gate, but I couldn’t stop.There are too many people in the grand View Garden square, and many of them sell food and entertainment, feeling similar to the Ten Wat Garden block.So go forward, drive around to Fenghua Road, find a place to park the car, came to the east gate of the Grand View Garden.There was a queue at the ticket office.Tickets are 50 yuan for adults, 30 yuan for children and 30 yuan for students.Children under 1.2m can get free tickets.Senior citizens can also get free tickets for senior citizens.I had my writers Guild membership card with me, but unfortunately it wasn’t free, so I had to buy a ticket.Walk into folk custom grand View garden, in the north and south street and east and west street, all kinds of lanterns, gorgeous, attracted a lot of tourists, mainly young people and children, grand View garden beaming, you can see the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.On the square at the south gate of the Grand View Garden, the tall fu Shou Lu statue stands in the center of the square. Around the square, there are stalls full of various flavor snacks, and the price is not expensive. Among them, baked sausage, potato tower, gluten, ice sugar gourd, cotton candy and stinky tofu are more popular.The books in the southwest corner of the square attracted my attention.Advocating reading for the whole people and building a cold pavilion of books, I selected several favorite books and returned with satisfaction.All the pictures in this article are taken by the author. If you quote and reprint the content of this article, please inform me if you provide material clues, please chat privately or leave a message on the original article. Without permission, plagiarism is declined to be reproduced without greeting, which is regarded as infringement