Luyu China Tea Day held a live broadcast of 100 counties to welcome Chinese New Year with 100 teas in Tianmen, Hubei Province

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On Jan. 21, in the coming Spring Festival in 2022, initiated by the Chinese association of agricultural development service and guidance, liu yu international group host, tianmen city, broadcast television and actively support the relevant industrial associations, important media of the tea and the common prosperity in the world – hundred hundred county tea spring “big tea culture live events held in chaking hometown hubei tianmen.The purpose of this event is to implement the party and the country’s home and rural revitalization strategy deployment, tea culture, tea industry and tea technology integrated, promote tea production areas and tea farmers to increase income, to achieve the goal of common prosperity.Tao Shuzhi, vice minister of Propaganda Department of Tianmen Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech at the spring Tea Party.Shi Aifa, President of Luyu Tea Culture Research Association of Hubei Province, Hu Hua, Secretary General of International Luyu Tea Culture Alliance (Tianmen), Academic member of China International Tea Culture Research Association, Lu Minggao, Vice President of Luyu Research Association of Tianmen, founder of Luyu Standard Rating Center,Ying Yingrong, the non-hereditary inheritor of Tea decocting method of Luzi, communicated and talked about “the life story of Tea Saint Lu Yu”, “the evolution and inheritance of tea culture”, “Tea drinking methods at home and abroad” and other topics, giving a vivid lecture on tea culture knowledge for the tea friends.The graph is tao books addressed (middle), vice minister, tianmen, said deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department tao books in recent years, tianmen municipal party committee municipal government attaches great importance to the quality of the tea culture industry development, formed by liu yu homeworld 4 a scenic area as the main body, the saint floor as the core, the Buddha camellia culture industrial park, and a series of tea culture landscape as the main body of the tea culture industry and transmission carrier.The Tea Classic Building has become the key place for the world tea people to worship and sightseeing, Luyu Research Society has become the international tea culture research center, luyu International Group and other tea enterprises continue to develop and grow, tianmen tea culture development has caught up with the good opportunity, is stepping forward to the goal of building the City of Tea culture in China.Attachment region were pushing the county hundred tea country revitalization of the graph region bubble attachment site the picture shows the scene show in this activity, liu yu international group also is given priority to with chaking hometown hubei tianmen venue, and hubei enshi high curative value, lichuan, fujian politics and white tea, black tea in xishuangbanna of yunnan puer tea tea major tea production and the tap enterprise video attachment, total hundred hundred county tea country revitalization.We also explained and demonstrated the knowledge points, brewing and drinking methods of Enshi Yulu, Lichuan black tea, Zhenghe white tea and Yunnan Pu ‘er tea, so that more consumers can feel tea culture, understand tea knowledge and fall in love with Chinese tea.To carry forward the tea tea culture The revitalization of the Chinese tea industry, liu yu will product director Du Yang partnership on hundred hundred county tea products Organizers of the event liu yu international group, as the doors and the Chinese tea industry leading enterprises, in order to “carry forward the tea tea culture, the revitalization of the Chinese tea industry” for the mission, over the years has been committed to the spread of tea tea culture industry construction.In the past 8 years, Luyu International Group has served 50 tea producing areas in China and made more than 20 billion transactions.The branding on the tea tea culture to the international tea abundantmeeting, big world health fairs, chu business conference, the Middle East peace day reception in the domestic and international large-scale activities, such as in tianmen built “the tea saint floor museum”, “liu yu college”, “liu yu teahouse”, “fire door factory of camellia tea culture industry”, actively promote tianmen “one city, two garden three center” building work.This year, the group will continue to undertake luyu Tea Culture Festival, continue to popularize tea culture knowledge through “Luyu Chinese Tea Day”, promote the fashion of tea tasting and drinking, and promote tea culture as a healthy and civilized way of life, into everyone’s life concept.