Wu Xi is the body fat ratio closest to the European domestic players?Fan: Too bad the brain is not

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After the first world war in, once hailed as the most of the team’s Wu Xi in this greatness, in a World Cup qualifier, particularly in the 3-1 defeat to Vietnam Wu Xi because when defending in denial and led to the second team lost the ball, the scene also let Chinese fans deeply remember Wu Xi, the characters replaced zheng zhi on the captain’s armband, but at a crucial moment pit the national soccer team,Wu Xi also had to accept the barrage of ridicule.Even at the beginning of the advertisement interview, said to eat a sea cucumber every day were fans as a joke sentence.February 19 is Wu Xi’s 33rd birthday, and the official Bo of the Chinese football Team also sent his birthday wishes to him.With the national football team’s performance in the past two years, some media also began to fight for Wu Xi’s injustice.Wu Xi body fat rate is the closest European domestic players Wu Xi once jiangsu fasten players, their ability, no doubt, one of the strongest B2B midfield, often can create different effects, especially after zheng zhi is old, compare it with a lot of fans like to use Wu Xi zheng zhi, both of them is the midfield position,And both have good forward delivery ability, but it is a pity that Wu Xi in the club and national football team effect has not been as good as Zheng Zhi.At that time a lot of fans only see Wu Xi go all out one side, have called Wu Xi is the national football team most go all out player.In a World Cup qualifier at this time, however, Wu Xi illustrious name directly, living heats of Wu Xi performance is not active in the game, but also appeared to hide the ball movement, this has angered many fans, particularly with the Vietnam war once hid the ball directly to Wu Xi reputation fall off a cliff, and many fans said, this is not Wu Xi that some action,But this time Wu also made the wrong choice again.After the match, wu Xi, as the captain of the National football team, was subjected to a barrage of insults and accusations.However, some media defended Wu Xi and said on wu Xi’s birthday: “Wu Xi is 33 years old and has been interviewed more than 50 times in various environments in ten years. The body fat rate of domestic players is closest to the high-level European players. Time and history will settle and prove a person’s merits and faults.”Body fat rate are very intuitive display a strength performance of the athletes, want to know why ronaldo was strong, because is very terror, ronaldo’s body fat rate is only 7%, body fat content of our national team between 8 and 9, mostly good like Wu Xi can reach 8.1, 8.2, but the body fat rate close to the European athletes will certainly is a good player?When wu Xi’s body fat ratio was whitewashed by the media, many football fans angrily criticized the media for being fake. One fan said: “Can a player only look at body fat ratio?So why not pick eleven fitness guys to be national soccer players?Also have fans compare Wu Xi and zheng as saying, when when zheng zhi is medium level in the previous month’s body fat rate, but also better than now Wu Xi, play and zheng zhi is to use brain played, impact, a now Wu Xi will only lead to have a lot of invalid, contrast zheng zhi, Wu Xi head seems to be not too light.Play can not only see the body fat rate, also look at how the brain of playing, Wu Xi performances on the pitch can actually make calls him desperately saburo, however Wu Xi as a midfielder, but haven’t come up with imaginative football, in the top 12 during the race, Wu Xi without giving a danger of attack organization, it doesn’t fit his domestic first B2B midfielder’s reputation.Some criticism of the Wu Xi is too Wu Xi as the captain of the national soccer team, said in an interview thing some time is not too high eq, but too much of a malicious criticism Wu Xi, for this the top 12 game Wu Xi performance is not a bright eye is outstanding, but in some ways is domestic team leader,Perhaps not much can be asked of a 33-year-old midfielder, and football is not a one-man game, and Wu xi’s disastrous performance is just part of the national team’s weakness.Can only hope that Wu Xi can set a good posture, make the captain of the men’s soccer team should have some posture, rather than again is a good man that simple.