Woman died 12 years of bones stolen by her family, 80,000 yuan resold match Yin marriage, father-in-law: insult people

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“Their family members stole my daughter-in-law’s bones in the middle of the night, insulting not only my daughter-in-law, but also us who are still alive.”On November 30, 2020, Li Weijun, a villager from Gangang Village, Huanghua City, Hebei Province, complained angrily to reporters.Half a month ago, When Li Weijun and his family went to the ancestral grave, they found that the grave of their daughter-in-law Kang Feifei, who had died for 12 years, was stolen!Li family dare not hesitate, hurriedly report to the police.Under the supervision of the police, they dig the empty earth on the grave, discover nail dead in the coffin of the four big nails had been opened, and inside the coffin alone “lying” a red water radish, Kang Feifei’s body and burial with the “three gold” had disappeared.What the hell is going on here?Could it have been a grave robber?But what about the radish in the coffin?The discovery after police investigation, kang Feifei’s corpse is to be digged by her mother’s family, subsequently Li family makes inquiries around, after hearing kang Feifei’s corpse pilfer unexpectedly, Kang family resold with the price of 80 thousand yuan to others match Yin marriage!This is happening in the 21st century?Is it true what the Li family said?Why did Kang feifei’s parents “steal” their daughter’s bones 12 years after her death?What’s the catch?On the 8th day of the 2nd lunar month in 2008, li Weijun’s son, Li Qingfeng, and Hao Guihua’s daughter, Kang Feifei, were married by the matchmaker.After marriage, the couple is running a shop under the aid of Li Qingfeng’s parents, and the day is safe and dull, and the relationship between the two families is also quite good.Kang domesticated shrimp, Hao Guihua always go to li home to send fish to send shrimp every time li home will return to her big pocket pocket more things, do not let her return empty-handed.However, this kind of loving life only maintained half a year, as Kang Feifei’s death came to an abrupt end, and even turned against each other.On July 26, 2008, Kang Feifei and Li Fengfeng discussed returning home, visiting the sister-in-law of the second child, but the business in the shop could not be lost, so Kang Feifei decided to let Li Fengfeng stay at home to see the shop, a person to return home.On July 29, after staying at her parents’ home for a few days, Kang returned to the shop she runs with Li Fengfeng.At 9 o ‘clock that evening, both of them were lying in bed getting ready for bed when Kang’s cell phone suddenly rang.It was only nine o ‘clock, call is a very normal thing, but strange in, Kang Feifei looked at the caller display hurriedly put the phone to hang up, and then back to Li Qingfeng do not know who to send information.Li Fengfeng curious she was in contact with who, went to take Kang Feifei’s mobile phone view, but Kang Feifei’s attitude is very strong, in any case are not willing to give the mobile phone to Li Fengfeng, also do not want to tell him he is in and who send information.Li Qingfeng could not help but began to suspect, two people had a quarrel, Kang Feifei angrily ran out.At this time li Qingfeng is also angry, he thought Kang Feifei gas away came back, did not follow.But he never thought, Kang Feifei this walk, is farewell.After a period of time, Li Qingfeng see Kang Feifei has not come back, call also do not pick up, began to worry.He went out in a hurry to look for it, but he did not find it after circling the whole village, thinking that perhaps his wife had gone back to her parents’ house.To the second day, Kang Feifei still did not go home, Li Qingfeng feel not quite right, will his wife “run away” things told his father Li Weijun, Li Weijun launched friends and relatives to find a whole day, no daughter-in-law a bit of news.In li family anxious anxious, someone to Call Li Qingfeng, said Kang Feifei drank paraquat in a hotel in South Dagang, is now in the local hospital rescue!At this time is the second day at nine o ‘clock in the evening, the Li family hurried to the hospital, and transferred Kang Feifei to a hospital in Cangzhou city overnight, but has been weak, rescue two days and two nights later, Kang Feifei or go.Suddenly losing her daughter, Kang feifei’s family is naturally unable to accept.They found lee’s house and made a scene for days.Li fengfeng says that he suspects kang feifei is outside, and Hao Guihua immediately retorts: “Impossible, my daughter is so dutiful that she can’t do anything out of line!”Hao Osmanthus feel that his daughter must be wronged in li home, noisy to Li Qingfeng to give her a statement.She tore heart crack lung geology ask Li Qingfeng, when Feifei runs away from home, why does he not look for?Why didn’t you notify your family in time?See Hao Guihua holding his son, side of Li Weijun said, the second day early in the morning son called him said Kang Feifei disappeared, he and his son immediately went to kang home to find someone.At that time Kang Feifei’s father Kang Xinzheng heard that his daughter had disappeared, but also very frightened to say: “bad, go to the river!”Li weijun said he suspected Kang xinzheng knew the real reason kang committed suicide by drinking the drug.Li weijun also said that before committing suicide, Kang Fei fei also left a suicide note, which said that her parent-in-law and husband were very good to her, and hoped that after her death, the family would not embarrass them, nor the man in Nandagang…When Kang Fei Fei left home, she did not have money or ID card. Even if she could pay with her mobile phone, who helped her open the hotel in the midst of the epidemic and without ID card?But as for Li weijun’s claim, Hao Guihua said she heard of her daughter’s disappearance when she visited Xiapu village. The Li family had not told them before, and they did not know about the suicide note.For a time, Kang, Li two to Kang Feifei’s cause of death each other’s word, the in-in-law who love each other before even in Kang Feifei’s funeral problem turned against each other.After Kang Feifei dies, Li jia spent 1900 multivariate to buy kang Feifei clothes, but Kang Jia thinks too cheap however, let Li jia go to south Dagang to buy 4000 multivariate clothes and “three gold” jewelry.However, after buying these things, the Kang family made another outrageous request. They insisted that Sanjin be buried in their daughter’s coffin.That, in local parlance, was tantamount to placing a “curse” in the grave, disadvantaging the li family’s descendants.Li Qingfeng although Li Weijun think this request is too much, but read in kang parents lost daughter, a few arguments, Li family compromise.I had thought that the funeral would at last go smoothly, but the Kang family seemed to be making a series of requests, postponing the day.Kang said, to let the li family’s great grandson for Kang Feifei play fan, is li Qingshan’s brother Li Qingshan’s child.But big daughter-in-law and her family firmly disagree, for this and Li Qingshan quarreled a lot of times, but under, Li had to shamelessly look for a child to replace the big grandson to Play fan kang Feifei.”Who is willing to let their own children dozen fan ah, but this is the biggest kindness, we owe people later!”Li Weijun said very ashamed.After the problem of playing flags is solved, The Kang family also proposed to bury the remains of Kang Feifei in the Li family grave.According to local custom, solitary grave is not ok enter ancestral grave, but think of if rejected Kang family wants to come again make, Li Weijun bravely promised.”The Kang family deliberately did not want me to marry another wife,” Li said. “No one wants to enter their ancestral tomb as a second wife.”Fortunately, things are finally solved, kang put forward the requirements of li jia are also one by one to meet, but this time, Kang Feifei’s mother Hao Osmanthus suddenly fainted, saying that because of excessive sadness.The Lies went to the hospital to visit Hao Guihua without stopping, and sent her 2000 dollars of condolence money.”As soon as we left the hospital, the in-laws left the hospital like nothing happened. Obviously, the funeral could be held in three days, but it took five or six days, and they said they wanted us to die.”Li Weijun said angrily and helplessly.But Hao Guihua said that they did not deliberately difficult.Her daughter is dead in li, she can go to the court to Sue Li, li’s responsibility, asking for hundreds of thousands of compensation are not too much.No matter is painstakingly difficult, Kang Feifei’s affairs finally is successfully finished.After the end of the matter, the contradictions of kang, Li two will be broken, no contact, until the occurrence of that thing, the two former enmity this was turned out again.On November 14, 2020, the 29th day of the ninth lunar month, Li Weijun took his eldest son, Li Qingfeng, and his second son, Li Qingshan, to their ancestral graves.When leaving, Li Weijun suddenly found that daughter-in-law Kang Feifei’s grave to prevent soil erosion of the red brick was thrown in a mess, into a look, there are turned over traces.Father and son three people immediately alert, they suspect kang Feifei’s grave was dug, in order to figure out the facts, three people dare not hesitate, immediately reported to the police.Lv Qiao town police station of the police quickly arrived at the scene, under the supervision of the police, Li jia father and son three people quickly dug the grave, but when they will be opened after the coffin but stayed: there is only a big red radish in the coffin, and Kang Fei’s bones and buried with the three gold trace.The police feel that things are not so simple, so they quickly contacted Interpol brigade, and will protect the scene.Two days later, when the investigation came back, the police said kang’s bones had been exhumed by her family.After hearing the news, the Li family asked around, want to know the Kang family “steal” their daughter-in-law’s bones for what use.The Li family heard through relatives, kang stole the bones of his daughter, and then sold the bones of Kang Feifei to liu Daolin in Liu Field village at a price of 80,000 yuan, and set the lunar calendar on October 9 and liu’s son early death held Yin marriage.Upon learning of the incident, the Li family quickly reported the situation to the police and found an intermediary who tried to work with the Liu family to persuade them not to have a joint burial.According to the feedback from the middleman, the Liu family immediately called the Kang family to ask what to do next, but the Kang family said: “Don’t worry, feifei is my daughter, I have the right, if you don’t want me there will be another family.””This is obviously more than one buyer. They must have found a buyer in advance and then went to steal the body. It was planned!”Li Qingshan said angrily.In the local area, there has always been the custom of matching Yin Yin, those unmarried men who died early, or men whose wives remarried after death, must match a Yin Yin to enter the ancestral grave.Therefore, the remains of young girls like Kang Feifei are very popular in the yinqin market.The old man in the village said, in fact, this is all superstition, but for peace of mind.More men than women died in the village, and every young woman’s death caused a frenzy of looting.So it’s no surprise that the Kang family says “there are other jobs.””He has already broken the law by robbing tombs, and now he has sold his daughter to make money. I must investigate the kang family for their responsibility.”Li Qingfeng quite some anger to reporters said.Anxious to get an explanation, the Lee family went to reporters.Under the leadership of the Li family, the reporter came to understand the situation in the Kang family.In the face of the reporter’s inquiry, Kang Feifei’s father kang Xin is “stealing” daughter’s body confessed.Kang Xinzheng said, that night kang home five brothers to Kang Feifei’s grandmother, that is, Kang Xinzheng’s mother round grave, round the grave has been midnight 12 o ‘clock, five of their brothers drove directly to the daughter Kang Feifei’s cemetery, daughter’s bones dug out.According to the local custom, the coffin can not be empty, they also put a big red radish in Kang Feifei’s coffin, and then buried the grave according to the original, finished, they took Kang Feifei’s bones left.As for the three gold pieces buried with her, Hao guihua said the Li family bought them for their daughter, which should belong to the Kang family.But they won’t. They will be buried in dowry when they offer their daughters marriage.”Your daughter has been dead for 12 years. What do you mean by marriage?For what?To sell a girl is to sell a girl, don’t speak so grandly!”Li Qingfeng could not help but blame.And in the face of the accusations of the Li family, Kang Xinzheng said that after the bones of Kang Feifei were taken back, the family did give her a Yin marriage, the man is liu Chang village, more than 30 years old, died in a car accident, after the funeral his wife walked.Kang added that the reason they decided to marry their daughter in the dark was to find her a good home so that she could have someone to burn paper for her during the Spring Festival.In addition, the Kang family admitted receiving 80, 000 yuan in bride price money from the Liu family, but the money would be returned when their daughter was “married”.”But now it doesn’t matter. The Li family called the police, and the original date of the funeral has been cancelled and the 80,000 yuan ($82,000) bride price has been returned to the Liu family.””Added Hao Osmanthus.But for kang family, Li Qingfeng did not agree to tell reporters, he listened to liu field village friends said, Kang Feifei and Liu children have been quietly buried together!To find out the facts, under the leadership of kang family, reporter a pedestrian in a field in the north of the village to see Kang Feifei’s grave, Kang family said, Kang Feifei bones back that day, they rebuilt the tomb here, Kang Feifei has been “living” here.Kang home for the construction of kang Feifei tomb in order to prove, reporters then came to Liu Field village to find Liu Daolin inquiry, but liu home is not in the village, but moved to Tianjin Tanggu.According to villagers in Liuchang village, they have not heard of any marriages between the Liu family’s children.Match Yin kiss is as grand as live marriage, is to hold a banquet, if Liu Daolin’s children lost Yin marriage, their village people should know.Coincides with at this time, the police made a phone call to Li Qingfeng, said that because kang is kang Feifei’s direct relatives, blood relations, they have the power to take its bones, so do not calculate theft, cannot put on record.Do not pass to the 3 gold inside Kang Feifei coffin, whether kang family has right “steal”, the police is still investigating, reply is given within a month.Li Qingfeng is not satisfied with this statement: “Kang Feifei is my daughter-in-law, buried in my family grave, and when I die, we will be buried together, its family secretly take away is not theft is what?””If it is not theft, they steal once today, steal again a few years later, and then keep reselling. There is no bigamy. If everyone does this, society will be in chaos.”Is it against the law to “steal” the body of your daughter so, is it theft to take the bones of your daughter?Is it against the law to take bones and use them in marriage?For this, the reporter initiated consultation to much lawyer place, but lawyers hold different opinion to this matter, some lawyer thinks Kang family is below the circumstance that Li family does not know, steal kang Feifei’s corpse secretly to betray others, its behavior already constituted crime of pilfer corpse.However, some lawyers believe that with the death of Kang Feifei, the in-laws are lost, and the management of her body belongs to her parents, who are related to her by blood, and the parents can dispose of her at will if there is no relationship with the man.What do you think about that?