50 years old people, encountered these seven situations, do not try to be brave, to admit weakness

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The middle-aged of more than 50 years old, must have mature thought, steady is the style.Only in the face of the living situation of having a parent and a child can we successfully cope with it.You can live a peaceful and harmonious life by successfully fulfilling your responsibilities and obligations.1, to fear power, and superior opinion, must listen to the superior opinion.As you get older, you will meet young leaders. Do not rely on your seniority. The older you are, the more firmly you should carry out the advice of your leaders.When you disagree with your children, be timid and not strong.Your age is bigger and bigger, the place that asks children to help later will be more and more, can’t talk with them in the tone that teach, offend the children, you are old, they ignore you, how can you do?Don’t entwine when you meet garbage, turn around and leave.Whether it’s your friend or your spouse, once you recognize the true nature of the relationship, don’t cling to it and cut your losses.Stop loss is profit, closure is the beginning of a new life.Do not try to use your kindness and pay to influence her, a person’s essence once formed is difficult to change, you will only let yourself more and more deeply, more and more pain.Don’t regret for the painstaking efforts and money you have paid, but can’t nostalgia, resolute turn around and leave is the best way to save your life.To have self-knowledge, encounter difficulties, don’t try to turn the tide, learn to hide.At this age you should know what you can and can’t do.Beyond the scope of their ability to do things, decisively give up circumnavigation!Face the fact that what is done is done, to accept fate.The emperor had ordered Sima Qian to intercede on behalf of Li Ling. As a result, he was castrated and suffered such a great shame.What is done is done, sima Qian why trouble, the emperor how can say change change?In danger, don’t swim upstream, to avoid.As I get older, I can’t participate in many sports. I like playing football since childhood, but at this age, I can’t keep up with my reaction speed and physical strength. The most important thing is to worry about fracture, so I have to give up football decisively.In front of the correct truth, to speak the truth, do not drill.If you are a wise man, never quarrel with an unreasonable man.Clearly know oneself unsuitable, for the sake of face, but also insist to the end, that is stupid behavior.At this age, you must be self-aware and do only what you can do.To this age, has been through the wind and rain of the society, should be mature, do anything, do any judgment, should start from the point of view of interests, protect themselves, protect their own interests, can not be brave.This is the flavor of New Year