Let’s get together to witness the fairness and justice of the “Red and Black List” of car market | Focus 3.15

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Trust in the truth, connect with the reality, and always be with you in the search for the truth.Since the launch of the “Red and Black List” in 2021, and the approaching of “March 15” in 2022, we have made a voice for consumer rights and interests, judged market behavior, and testified for high-quality brands. In the name of “special topic”, we have once again conducted in-depth research and judgment on the “red and black list” of Northern Auto market.At this moment, let’s join hands with automobile manufacturers, consumers and professionals to clearly convey our attitude to car buyers, participants and victims, so as to eliminate unnecessary losses and resist unguaranteed damages.This is March 15, a long time coming but always coming.In China, in the north and here, Carjeluo, XIxi News and North China New Media Auto Alliance jointly propose to the majority of car operators: honest operation, quality service, practice gratitude and fair consumption.At the same time, the “Northern Alliance 3.15 Consumption Fair Red black List” will be officially launched on February 17, 2022., new media auto union in northern China 3. 1 5 consumer rights day special action, the northern league, united more than 40 members of the media, common to carry out the clues to collect, consumer rights, the good faith manifesto, car companies, etc, the red and black revelation…… in the next five months, the northern league, 3.15 consumer fair red HeiBang through five major operations,We have spoken out in a coordinated manner and taken special actions to expose one by one the problems of consumer rights protection, such as distribution according to the problem, avoiding serious problems, failing to honor promises, and refusing to retreat.In view of the complaints raised by consumers, we will cooperate with professional car technicians, car critics and car manufacturers to investigate the truth, and finally solve all the troubles encountered by consumers and car owners in the purchase, use, after-sales and other aspects of the car.Including bait-and-switch unfulfilled, intention gold not refundable, pay the car time, after-sales maintenance standard… next, car sleep luo, cc news, the northern league, more than 40 media will promote the collection of the rights of clues in the northern regions, and published in the form of “entire media” the first event of “truth”, the probe had a problem.At that time, with the help of internal industry professionals and relevant departments, Northern Alliance will try to help consumers solve a series of “unresolved” problems.If consumers in Liaoning and Shenyang also encounter similar problems, from now on, love car sleep luo at the same time for everyone to open the door of “collection”, listen to your story, track your view, find the truth of the event, take cover, take all possible ways to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of automobile consumers.As a public information platform, as a new media, as a member of the average consumer, car sleep, cc news and new media auto union in north China more than 40 members hope to stand together, and the vast number of consumers with all manufacturers to jointly build the north transparent integrity of the auto market in the north, let fair consumption developed here,Let the northern car market time to gather the power of fairness.North China New Media Auto Alliance, hundreds of auto companies in north China, let us take the opportunity of Thanksgiving consumer action, join hands to jointly create a market environment of honest management and assured consumption, and jointly contribute to the construction of brand auto companies, dynamic north, civilized car market and harmonious society.The red list, the black list, any color if it is not based on people’s fundamental appeal as the starting point, so it as the red list and black list of the qualification is questionable.From today on, we will only go one step at a time, and through the special action of the North China New Media Auto Alliance 3.15 Consumer Rights Day, through the influence of “3.15”, the red and black are divided, and the “integrity” is carefully watched.If you have a car purchase dispute, please leave us a comment below.The Northern Alliance will be in touch at the first opportunity.Edit | symyan permanent secretary for northern China automobile new media cluster units