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Honey has an irresistible taste and is packed with nutrients that do you a lot of good.However, there may be some misunderstandings about the knowledge of honey. Today, we will have a good understanding of the relevant knowledge of honey.Can drink honey cure wine?The real effect is actually the five mentioned above. When it comes to curing alcohol, many people first think of drinking honey. In fact, there is no clear data showing that honey has the effect of curing alcohol.Hangover cure this is called hangover cure, it is through the intervention of external forces to make drunk people sober up from the drunken state, restore consciousness or self-control, the common method of hangover cure principle is to promote the metabolism of alcohol in the body.Fructose, as one of the major components of honey, for the human body has certain promoting the alcohol metabolism, but after clinical observation found that the symptoms of acute alcohol intoxication fructose and no obvious improvement, it will make the blood lactic acid and uric acid content increased, so don’t choose to use honey to therapy, avoid to fall into the pit.Although honey can’t therapy, but the effect of honey do have a lot of, can promote digestion and metabolism of human body about 40% contained 35% glucose and fructose in honey, these two kinds of sugar can be directly absorbed by human body, used, and a large number of enzymes in the honey, helps digestion and absorption of food, improve the gastrointestinal diseases.Promote the absorption of calcium to drink honey to promote the absorption of calcium, the United States scientists found that the boron in honey can increase the secretion of estrogen, so as to prevent a large number of calcium loss, which is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly women.The nutrients contained in honey can be absorbed directly by the skin, thus improving the condition of the skin, speeding up metabolism, playing a role in beauty and delaying aging.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that honey can help digestion, moistening the intestine and purging fire, and people suffering from habitual constipation can drink honey to relieve the effect.Because honey contains manganese and other inorganic salts, can promote food digestion and assimilation.Honey is also conducive to the prevention and treatment of liver and heart diseases. There are a lot of nutrients in honey, which can be absorbed directly without liver metabolism after entering the human body. Therefore, drinking honey can moisten the liver, promote the regeneration of liver cells, and is conducive to liver health.In addition, honey can also prevent heart disease, domestic and foreign studies have found that honey can improve the metabolic process of myocardium and the role of nourishing myocardium, but also can soften blood vessels, so as to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.Honey put for a long time whiten, can you still continue to eat?We will find that after a long time, honey will turn into a white solid state. Many people think this is the deterioration of honey. In fact, this is also the normal form of honey, because the water in honey is evaporated, so it will become a white solid state.In fact, honey doesn’t spoil if it’s kept well, because bees dramatically reduce the moisture content of honey as they produce it, so no microbes can survive in honey for long, so as long as the honey stays sealed well enough, it doesn’t spoil.However, it is difficult to keep honey completely sealed, so it can go bad.So, the honey that put 3 to 5 years, how to judge whether metamorphic?Look at the bubbles Fresh honey in the bottle will have a small amount of bubbles, but if the honey produces a third of the bubbles, the honey is spoiled.The bubbles are actually carbon dioxide produced by yeast when it breaks down honey’s sugars.Look at the texture of honey after crystallization is generally more thick liquid, if the texture becomes as thin as water, indicating that honey has deteriorated.Honey that smells good has a faint floral smell, but honey that has gone bad has a pungent alcoholic taste, indicating that there is a lot of yeast growing in the honey.Different time to drink honey, the effect is not the same as the time to drink honey also pay attention to, at different times to drink honey, there will be different effects.Drink it in the morning: Choose honey first thing in the morning to cleanse your bowels, detoxify your body, and quickly rehydrate and energize your body, relieving constipation.Drink at noon: after a morning of study or work, people tend to feel tired at noon, drinking honey at this time can quickly replenish energy for the body, and the human body is easier to absorb and use, replenish energy effect is very good.Evening drink: honey has a tranquilizing effect, drinking at night can play a tranquilizing sedation, improve the effect of sleep quality, and drink honey water at night to help the next morning smooth defecation.Drink before meals: can very well help the human body to relieve the situation of excessive gastric acid, gastric acid patients might as well try.Drink after meal: conduce to help digest, also have certain effect to the condition of weakness of spleen and stomach, malnutrition to treating.However, it should be noted that when brewing honey water, do not use boiling water, because the nutritional elements contained in honey will be destroyed by high temperature, thus affecting the flavor of honey, it is best to use 40~60℃ water to brew honey.Want to drink good honey, three issues should pay attention to get a good honey, if you want to learn to identify true and false honey: when buy the glossiness and viscosity honey contains a lot of really active nutrients, so will be slightly difference, transparency is of little vibration when shaking, hanging in the bottle wall honey will tear slowly.Taste Real honey has a natural smell, unique floral aroma, and a delicate and soft taste.Fake honey, on the other hand, has a subtle taste and smells of artificial flavors.Pull “honey” with a small spoon spoon up some honey, stretching can generally pull out bright and fine honey, silk can automatically retract after breaking, and ball-shaped.If you want to keep honey for a long time, you need to know how to store it properly. The key is to keep it sealed. It’s best to use small jars of honey, which can be consumed within a week, or you can cover the jar with plastic wrap to keep bacteria and air out.In addition, if you need to use a spoon to dig honey to eat, be sure to use a dry spoon, do not bring in water and cause the honey to deteriorate faster.In addition, it should be noted that not everyone is suitable for drinking honey, such as these three groups of people should pay attention to avoid drinking honey: infants and children under 1 year old, because of the weak gastrointestinal function of infants and children, prone to food poisoning;Diabetes patients should not drink honey, because honey has a very obvious glycemic effect;Patients who are taking cold medicines should not drink honey, because many cold medicines contain acetaminophen, encounter honey will become complex, affecting the body’s absorption of drugs.In conclusion, honey is rich in nutrients, and those who eat it regularly can reap many benefits, but only if they learn to drink it properly.Reference: [1] Zhao Lishan.Drinking honey water cured superficial gastritis [J]. 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