Who is China’s most dynamic luxury brand?Attached “Huali Think Tank” luxury brand marketing research report

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By 2020, more than a third of the global luxury goods industry’s sales were already contributed by Chinese consumers, but a large part of that was overseas.Fast forward to 2022, and after two years of COVID-19, more luxury goods are coming home. China accounts for more than one-fifth of the global luxury goods market and is expected to become the world’s largest by 2025 (see the 20th edition of bain Luxury Research).However, the unprecedented dynamism of the Chinese market for luxury brands deserves more attention and research than the sales figures created by Chinese consumers.Over the past year, the market has experienced ups and downs and the future remains uncertain, but mainstream luxury brands have never hesitated in their growth strategies in China, and more upstarts are gearing up.In this environment of opportunities and challenges, the brand itself and the industry as a whole are accelerating the “metabolism”, and the dynamic Chinese market undoubtedly provides the most critical “nutrition” and “energy” for this “metabolism”.In line with this trend, we have decided to release the Annual Luxury Brands China Vitality List based on the nearly 1,000 brand trends collected by The “Luxury Brands Biweekly List” in 2021, which will be the industry’s first comprehensive and systematic “dashboard” reflecting the investment and activity of luxury brands in the Chinese market.The selection is based on the statistical data of luxury brands’ marketing activities and channel expansion activities in China in 2021, and gives different weights according to the importance and influence of different segments to give comprehensive scores.(Note: Click on the link:https://luxe.co/d/u1qech0ctz8o to download the report, details see the Top 30 ranks and grades) in the list of vitality in the selection process, we also discovered in 2021, the emergence of a number of prominent luxury brand marketing innovation case in China,And the latest trends reflected in the industry are summarized and refined, and the latest edition of “Luxury Brands In China marketing Innovation Research Report” is written.The report and list cover 784 developments in the Chinese market for 110 luxury brands in 2021, covering nine categories including: visual communication, brand endorsements/ambassadors, co-branding, crossover art and sports, brick-and-mortar stores and pop-up stores, Chinese fashion shows, digital marketing and e-commerce, brand exhibitions and others.From it, we combed out of the 2021 luxury brand ten keywords and representative cases of marketing innovation in China, believe that they also reflect the luxury goods industry for the future of common thinking and power key (click the link: https://luxe.co/d/u1qech0ctz8o download report view).Brand:Dior, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton have engaged and engaged in 2021. Despite the barrier of the epidemic, we still see international luxury brands taking a more positive attitude to understand the cultural background and business ecology of China, proactively contacting local creative talents and entrepreneurial teams.Expand more diversified communication and sales channels, gradually integrate the communication of brand history and spirit into daily Chinese marketing activities as a long-term strategy, and deal with the way of dialogue with Chinese consumers in a more refined way.There is no denying that international brands are getting on better with Chinese consumers.Coming to 2022, we boldly predict the next key word of luxury brand marketing innovation in China: “Confluence”/” Confluence “. In the future, luxury brands will further strengthen the “localization” strategy. We look forward to seeing more “localization” attempts and efforts in the cultural and creative field.We believe that the Chinese market and consumers will continue to provide “nutrition” and “energy” for global luxury brands, and brands will continue to adjust the pace for the Chinese market, “go both ways”, grow together, and let the positive forces from all sides converge in China!Attached: List of top ten Keywords and representative brand cases of luxury Brands in China marketing Innovation Research Report (see the main body of the report for details)Burberry, Dior, Roger Dubuis, Pomellato keywords 3: Chinese independent designer brands: Canada Goose, Canali, Maison Corthay, MonclerKeywords: Vacation scene brand: Dior, Burberry, Bonpoint, Van Cleef & Arpels keywords: City sinking brand:Burberry, Cartier, Christian Louboutin, Marni, Prada, Qeelin, Tod’sKeywords 9: Innovative interactive brands: Hermes, Prada, Loewe, Hublot, Arc'Teryx, Dior, LV, Fendi Keywords 10: VIP experience Brand: Montblanc, Hermes, GIADAhttps://luxe.co/d/u1qech0ctz8o – download report about “luxury brand double Zhou Bang” in May 2020, first introduced “gorgeous” “luxury brand double Zhou Bang”, focusing on global luxury brands in China’s latest dynamic, and reference for the decision of the industry to provide timely and comprehensive.Behind this list lies not only huali Zhi’s “ambition” to empower global luxury brands with high-standard information services, but also our “confidence” in the long-term prospects of China’s luxury market.Through long-term and meticulous tracking, reporting, statistics, sorting and analysis of business and financial information, Huali Zhi has been standing at the forefront of China’s luxury industry.Through close interaction and communication with industry insiders and readers of Huali Zhi (also the most high-end consumers in China), we have been able to maintain a high sensitivity and insight into the trends of the luxury market and enterprises.Through the “Luxury Brands Biweekly List” and a series of research reports, Hualizhi hopes to pass on its accumulated professional ability to more people, help them accurately grasp the pulse of the industry development, and actively respond to the current and future challenges.