Training session on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Dongsheng District

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On February 13, a training session on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Dongsheng District.Deputy District Chief Yang Yun presided over the meeting.
Training will invite the Inner Mongolia autonomous region comprehensive wen-rui wang, director of the center for disease control and prevention of four experts around the Inner Mongolia autonomous region COVID – 19 handbook of epidemic prevention and control work of actual combat in the key content, combined with its own profound professional theory and practice experience, tells his story from a professional point of view to explain the COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control knowledge, training content is rich,It has strong operability and guidance for epidemic prevention and control work.
Meeting requirements, the relevant departments to strengthen learning, through various forms, various channels, to continue the training content and the actual combat’s handbook for the concentrated study, project, leading, comprehensive digestion and absorption, the training results and real contents applied to practical handbook normalization of SARS prevention and control and emergency disposal work;Deficiencies should be identified in the current epidemic prevention and control work through learning and training, and weaknesses and loopholes in epidemic tracing, isolation and control, and nucleic acid testing should be made up immediately.We need to step up the drills, organize them in batches and on a regular basis, strictly follow the procedures for handling emergencies, ensure that the epidemic prevention and control command system and emergency response capacity remain in the best state at all times, effectively improve the capacity and level of epidemic prevention and control, and truly knit and strengthen the safety net for epidemic prevention and control.
Area epidemic prevention and control headquarters staff working group, specialized classes, each park town streets, OuZhi departments or people’s organizations, belongs to all enterprises and institutions, vertical assist the department in charge, the community, and the epidemic prevention and control work personnel, secondary unit WeiJianWei epidemic prevention and control, related personnel flow adjustable back all the staff to participate in the training.Build a solid economic “anchor stone”, stimulate high-quality development endogenous power — 2021 Dongsheng Industrial economic development resilience fully demonstrates Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park: Gao Qing industrial Transformation banner written development “super points” important notice!This is strictly forbidden during the Lantern Festival!
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