Protect yourself defend the city urgent reminder

2022-07-14 0 By

On March 29, find one in shenyang will be abnormal coronavirus nucleic acid detection results, contact person information for rapid screening, early taken steps to contain the outbreak, as soon as possible social, now released the related travel path is as follows: on March 24, 13 or 14, in nanjing, a school for nucleic acid detection, then in the following shops for recycling:Lv Qiang Fruit Shop, Heping District, Shenyang 14:51:14 Boutique Vegetables, No.1 Jiaxing Street 18:49:08 Zhao Wei Vegetable Wholesale and retail 18:55:23 Happy Life 19:00:17 Haibo 19:08:14 Plum 19:20:51 I am very happy 19:25:10 Longge 19:38:19On March 25th, Jude Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket went to a school in Nanjing for nucleic acid testing at 10:00 PM, and collected waste products in the following shops:17:02:47 Luqiang Fruit, Heping District, Shenyang city 18:32:57 and Crab Society 18:43:34 Boutique Vegetables, No. 1, Jiaxing Street 18:44:24 Ergang Fresh Supermarket on 27th, collect waste products in the following shops:09:57:02 Yang Facai Fruit King 10:06:00 Suiyuan dried fruit 17:29:09 Qiushun Fruit Shop 17:59:11 Jiaxing Street no. 1 boutique vegetables 18:00:40 Jasmine (Peace shop) at about 11 o ‘clock on the 28th, nucleic acid testing was carried out in guangrong Street No. 30 hospital.The rest of the time at home.On The 29th, he stayed at home.People with overlapped travel paths and contact history with those with abnormal nucleic acid test results are requested to report to local communities immediately, stay at home, and cooperate in epidemic prevention and control.