In September, the full implementation of network settlement, Foshan industrial injury medical fees will say goodbye to the cushion

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On April 7, the reporter learned from the Foshan Social insurance Fund Administration that the outpatient medical (rehabilitation) expenses of the industrial injury insurance in Foshan city are expected to realize the network settlement of all the outpatient expenses of the contracted institutions in September this year.Net of settlement of accounts of inductrial injury medical treatment is to point to inductrial injury worker during hospital treatment, the medical treatment that should pay by fund of inductrial injury insurance (rehabilitation) charge, advance by the hospital pays, settle accounts directly with orgnaization of agency of social security again, individual pays charge from oneself by hospital and unit of choose and employ persons or inductrial injury worker (family member) direct settle accounts.In 2014, it was transferred to the municipal level for overall planning and gradually improved. In May 2020, after the provincial level for overall planning, the online settlement of hospitalization expenses continued, but the online settlement of outpatient expenses has not yet been realized.At the beginning of this year, the implementation Plan of “3+2” Key Work of Foshan Social Security Handling Service Management in 2022 was printed and implemented, and 10 difficult issues were determined to solve at the grassroots level in 2022, including the network settlement of outpatient fees of industrial injury insurance agreement institutions.To this end, the Municipal Social Security Bureau went deep into the grassroots and front-line survey, collected questions and appeals, and quickly formulated the work plan. In the first quarter of this year, the network settlement of outpatient fees was realized in the first 5 hospitals, and it is expected to realize the network settlement of outpatient fees in all the agreement institutions (more than 80) by September this year.This marks the information construction of industrial injury insurance in Foshan city to a new level, effectively solve the problem of industrial injury medical fees.City social security bureau related person in charge, relative to the sporadic reimbursement before, industrial injury insurance to achieve hospitalization and outpatient fees “one-stop” network settlement has a lot of benefits, one is to facilitate the reimbursement of industrial injury workers, reduce financial pressure, no advance, no errands, high efficiency.The second is to strengthen the management of the agreement agencies, social security agencies through the hospital industrial injury network settlement information, more quickly understand the hospital treatment costs of the injured workers.The first group of 5 hospitals to realize network settlement ● Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ● Foshan Fifth People’s Hospital ● Shunde Peace Surgery Hospital ● Gaoming District People’s Hospital ● Baini People’s Hospital of Sanshui DistrictThe copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: