Social security ushered in a big change, “five insurance” to “four insurance”, welfare treatment will be reduced

2022-07-13 0 By

The social security system will undergo major changes, including pension insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational accident insurance and maternity insurance.One of these funds is a housing fund.So, some people say, should one of them be abolished?Tell everyone that the five insurances and one housing fund have become four insurances and one housing fund, which is actually bringing maternity insurance into medical insurance.The State has completed the integration of maternity insurance and basic occupational health insurance and, in short, the former five policies and one fund have become four policies and one fund.There will be no impact on our employees, who will continue to receive benefits during childbirth;It would be more convenient for companies, who would have one less procedure to go through in order to enroll in insurance.At the same time, you can go directly to social Security services to collect your pension or deal with related matters.This is good for the participants!They are also very happy inside.With the improvement of people’s living standard, social security plays an important role.The state attaches great importance to people’s old age so that they can enjoy it, because if they participate in social security, they can receive a pension after retirement.Going from five to four seems like one less policy.In fact, people’s rights are not reduced at all, the purpose is to make everyone more and more convenient, this is good, everyone, friends do not worry too much about this policy.