Sacrifice outing chongqing citizens so qingming Festival

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People visit the hongyan Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Hongyan, East China’s Guangdong Province, April 5, 2019.A citizen flies a kite on the lawn at the Zhichuang Eco-city in Guangyang Bay, Southwest China’s Chongqing, April 5, 2019.Reporter Xie Zhiqiang photo/visual Chongqing core prompts willow yiyi road spring, is a year when qingming.Since ancient times, Chinese people have had the custom of sweeping tombs and paying respects to ancestors and going on spring outings.On this Tomb-sweeping Day, despite the impact of the epidemic and other factors, people around the city still remembered their ancestors, paid tribute to heroes and visited the spring scenery in various forms under the premise of protecting their own safety.”Qingming season rain, travelers have their ancestors.Hope long sky south goose, lingering thoughts through the heart.”Qingming festival, mourning relatives, remembering the martyrs.On April 5, the reporter learned from the civil affairs Bureau that during the three days of Tomb-sweeping Day, the city opened 267 funeral service institutions for on-site worship, and the total number of on-site worship people was 562,000, down 17% from 681,000 last year.The bureau of veterans affairs of all districts and counties in Chongqing organized activities to commemorate the martyrs during the Qingming Festival, to remember the martyrs, remember the history, and deeply cherish the national conditions.”Teacher Wang, we came to see you, we miss you!”This is the model of The Times Wang Hongxu walked after the first tomb-sweeping day, Dadukou District Chunhui Road street Jinyu community group of party members on behalf of the masses came to Wang Hongxu teacher with life to lift the hope of the Yangtze River, to carry out “civilized Qingming Sunrise sunshine” Tomb-sweeping day worship activities.Everyone held flowers and wishing ribbons to express their thoughts and respect for Teacher Wang Hongxu.On April 5, the “Beautiful Mountains and Rivers, Missing Forever” — the 2022 Tomb Sweeping Day martyr relocation documentary, which was hosted by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the China Media Group, aired live. Netizens witnessed the mass relocation and memorial activities of martyrs’ tombs in Jiangxi, Anhui, Chongqing, Gansu, Liaoning, Fujian and Henan provinces.In fengdu County jiangchi town crossbeam village 6 group, Sun Yingchang martyr’s hometown, the city held sun Yingchang martyr’s tomb moving ceremony.April 5, Chongqing Gele Mountain martyrs Cemetery, “red yan class” “Zhou Enlai class” class members of the team representatives, cadres and workers and grassroots representatives, red Yan volunteer representatives and other about 100 people, came to the “11 · 27” martyrs’ tomb, to the red Yan heroes who sacrificed their lives for the founding of the new China to offer flower baskets and small white flowers.Yubei District Zhang Lun martyrs Memorial hall since April 2 after the completion of the opening, many citizens to accept patriotism education.On April 2, Yuzhong District South Jiamen street held a “vigorously propagandize the heroic deeds and spirit” martyrs bereaved forum.There are 9 martyrs in south Jimen Street area. Some of the families of martyrs were invited to the scene on the same day. We listened to the heroic deeds of martyrs, remembered the heroes together and learned from the heroes.Read & gt;>>The city’s open scene of funeral services 267, scene of the masses of a total of 562,000 people, compared with last year 681,000 people reduced by 17%, the transport of 140,000 times, compared with last year 142,000 times reduced by 1% travel three days holiday red travel near outing favored “Pear wind is qingming, wanderer spring half out of the city.Strike away at sunset, 10,000 willow warbler.”Qingming festival, spring and jingming, outing to appreciate flowers.April 5, from the municipal Culture and tourism commission news, qingming three-day holiday, the city’s a-class tourist attractions received A total of 3.067 million tourists, red tourism, suburban tourism is favored by tourists.According to reports, before the festival, the city timely launched a discount benefits, travel subsidies, free tickets and other more than 40 measures to benefit the people and more than 100 customized tourism routes, covering parent-child travel, weekend travel, self-driving travel, health travel, picking travel and so on.During the festival, the online service platform “Huiyou Chongqing” integrates 15 national and local financial, cultural and travel ticketing and life service platforms, and issues a large number of cultural travel coupons and subsidies to citizens and tourists.It covers a-level scenic spots, star-rated hotels, hot springs, urban cultural performances, cruise ships, tourist b&B, wenbowen creation, rural picking, self-driving rv base and other cultural tourism products.Districts and counties also focusing on qingming festival customs and etiquette, carefully organize the revolutionary martyrs memorial activities, to carry forward the traditional virtues of aged to respect, actively organize the genetic support people to carry out the charade, swing, fly a kite, folk lectures, poetry chanting, preserve one’s health, fitness and full of rich cultural color of traditional cultural activities, give new era content to traditional festivals.Beibei district jinyun Mountain, Jingang Bei Historical and cultural Block, Dongsheng Village, Shengtianhu beautiful village, Damotan Wet Park, Xishan Pinglinglong Garden and other scenic spots have attracted a large number of tourists for outing, flower appreciation, camping and clocking, with 251,900 visitors in total.Jiangjin District, four mountains, Luneng beautiful countryside, chuangfeng Yuxiannong valley and other scenic spots, is also an endless stream of visitors, a total of 285,300 tourists received in the district;Fuling Meixin Wine Town attracted more than 53,000 tourists by holding a series of tomb-sweeping Day themed activities such as “The Ever-changing Youth Banquet”.On the basis of the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures, these measures better stimulate the enthusiasm of citizens to travel.Read & gt;>>There are 43 public libraries and 41 cultural centers open to the public for free, and 72 mass cultural activities have been held, attracting 286,300 visitors and 462,000 online visitors. 61 exhibitions and 46 activities have been held in the city’s museums.This article was written by reporters Zhang Sha, Yan Ruowen and Han Yi, and correspondent Chen Shuyue