How much is flow of formalities of declare customs of saffron import and tariff?”Customs Clearance Strategy”

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I believe that a lot of people do not know about saffron import customs formalities flow and customs duty is how much to wait for a problem, next, small make up of open sen import supply chain introduces in detail about saffron import customs formalities flow and customs duty is how many those things!One, safflower on the west import declaration formalities data application form of import medicinal materials, medicine manages licence or medicine to produce licence, business licence, certificate of health of certificate of place of origin of producing country, producing country, producing country sells proof freely of proof of composition analysis of table of supplier, supplier fills date proof, packing sheet, hair.Ticket, contract, original before and after label, foreign consignor record information form, consignee record information, saffron declaration number (Chinese and English product name, processing method, supplier’s Chinese and English name, raw materials and ingredients, etc.), bill of lading — issued by the shipping company,Original bill of lading (such as telex release separately) two, crocus sativus import declaration process 1, crocus sativus to the port;2. Pay the freight and change the bill at the shipping agency;3, crocus sativus imports inspection, customs declaration and declaration price;4, the customs price of the tax sheet;5, pay taxes;6. Customs inspection;7. Release the goods;8. Take delivery;9. Delivery to designated place in China.3, saffron on the west imports notes to belong to medicinal materials, the importer needs the approval that the importer needs to obtain medicinal materials before importing the management qualification that the importer needs to have medicinal materials, after obtaining approval, customs first applies for medicinal materials to pass sheet still has the country that medicinal materials have access,Implement import to pass please whether to be in the list inside 4, crocus on the west import tariff commodity code 1211903999 commodity name other basically use as the fresh, cold, frozen or dry plant value-added tax rate 9% MFN tax rate 6% related reading crocus import declaration formalities and tariff is how much?”Customs knowledge” Vietnam (fresh) dry chrysanthemum import declaration procedures and tariffs are how many?”Customs clearance knowledge” Chinese medicinal materials import declaration procedures flow and how much is tariff?”Customs clearance knowledge” Chinese medicinal materials import customs clearance agency notes “Customs clearance strategy” Thailand Perilla leaf (Perilla) import customs clearance procedures and tariffs is how much?”Customs Clearance Knowledge”