“I’ve probably eaten 200 dumplings since the Winter Olympics.”

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Foreign athletes were deeply impressed by the delicious food at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Julia Marino, who finished second in the women’s snowboard slopestyle at the Winter Olympics, spoke to NBC news about her favorite food in the Olympic Village — dumplings.”I’ve probably eaten 200 dumplings since I’ve been here,” Marino told NBC.Marino said with a laugh.”As soon as I come back from the mountain (training), I eat dumplings.”She also talked about her life in the Olympic Village.Strict COVID-19 guidelines have been enforced in the Olympic Village, but Marino has found ways to “entertain herself” by listening to music, dancing and singing with friends in between training and competing.”It’s very interesting.Before the sun goes down, we have some nice little music events in the sun.”Marino, 24, took second place in the women’s slopestyle event at the Winter Olympics on Saturday with 87.68 points in the second round of difficult routines and a good finish.Zoe Sadowski Sinnott of New Zealand won gold with a difficult final jump.American Jamie Anderson finished third.According to earlier media reports, healthy, safe and diverse catering services will be provided in Beijing’s Winter Olympic Village during the Games.During the games, athletes from around the world took to social media to “show off” their food.For example, Dutch speed skater Juta Riordan’s Vlog, a trip to the Village of the Winter Olympics, received more than 200,000 likes on social media.She chose malatang with a more “Chinese taste” and ate it with relish, successfully attracting the attention of many netizens.On the second day of the Chinese New Year, American snowboarder Tessa Moder not only posed for a photo with the backdrop of “The Year of the Tiger”, but also ate dumplings with udon noodles, which caused a lot of netizens to watch and leave messages.’I hope you like it!”Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy every day in China!”In addition to the food, the technology on the table has also attracted the attention of the US media.On February 3, NBC reported on robots at the table during the Winter Olympics.”Robots hang from the ceiling of the dining room in the media center and serve dishes to people while other robots prepare meals and cook dishes.Giant robotic arms drop noodles from the ceiling to the table…People can pick up food from the robot and eat whatever they want.”Source/Observer