【 Economic Daily 】 The council for the Promotion of International Trade: multiple measures to serve enterprises

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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) held a regular press conference on March 31.Spokesman, director of the office of ccpit Yu Yi in response to reporters’ questions, in view of the complicated situation of foreign trade and foreign trade enterprises face the difficulties and problems, ccpit will fully mobilize the initiative of the local ccpit and industry ccpit, active play to connect inside and outside of the enterprise, cohesion, docking of supply and demand of institutional advantages, and to closely follow the situation,We carried out extensive and in-depth enterprise research, made suggestions for government departments to introduce policies, continuously expanded service content, comprehensively improved service quality, and adopted multiple measures to strengthen services for enterprises.It is understood that China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) recently through business forums, expert forums, questionnaires and other ways to do research on the operation of foreign trade enterprises found that the problems reflected by foreign trade enterprises are mainly concentrated in four aspects.First, sea freight is still high;Second, the prices of energy and raw materials rose.Third, global supply chain bottlenecks have not been eased.Fourth, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.In terms of trade and investment promotion services, China will formulate and implement an action plan to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, extend the functions of the “Trade Promotion Cloud Exhibition” platform, successfully hold international trade digital exhibitions, and strengthen policy interpretation and information services for cross-border e-commerce and other new forms of trade to help enterprises stabilize orders and markets, Yu said.Comprehensively strengthen RCEP free-trade agreements, such as promotion and professional training, tracking RCEP’s impact on local and industry, according to different regions, different industries, different products, and distribute practical application guide, organization targeted strong special training, help enterprises to read and use good RCEP accumulation rules of origin, enhance the ability of using the agreement,We will lower import and export costs, enhance the international competitiveness of our products, and constantly increase the rate and amount of enterprise benefits, so that more enterprises can enjoy the benefits of RCEP policies.Data show that in the past three years, the amount of preferential certificate of origin issued by the National Trade promotion system has increased by 21.92%, 23.03% and 41.05% respectively.In terms of commercial legal services, the “Trade Law Link” platform has been constantly optimized to expand the coverage of compliance risk screening for enterprises’ international operation, strengthen early warning of economic and trade frictions, deal with “two counteractions and one protection” cases, improve the level of arbitration and mediation services, and help enterprises safeguard their rights and interests in international operation.In terms of participation in global economic governance, actively organize Chinese enterprise representative to participate in the group of 20 (G20), the bric nations, APEC (APEC) and other multilateral mechanisms under the cooperation of industry and commerce, reflecting the Chinese business community concerns and promote global economic governance system toward a more just and rational development, for the Chinese enterprises better policy environment for foreign trade and economic cooperation.In particular, as an important business cooperation mechanism under THE G20, the B20 is the premier platform for international business communities to participate in global economic governance. The report on policy recommendations formed by the B20 is directly submitted to G20 leaders, providing important reference for G20 leaders to make decisions.It serves as an important reference for G20 governments to carry out policy coordination and promote global economic governance reform. It is an important institutional arrangement for the global business community to participate in formulating economic and trade rules.In this year’s B20, more than 60 Chinese business representatives participated in the event, and for the first time, all the Chinese co-chairs of the working groups on all seven topics were covered.China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) has designated 2022 as the year of reform and innovation, yu said, adding the construction of applied think tanks to the three main business lines of trade and investment promotion, commercial legal services and participation in global economic governance.Focusing on economic and trade research, provide enterprises with the global economic and trade friction index report of foreign investment of Chinese enterprises status and intention survey report, and the fta application guidelines, doing business report, the national law research and strong pertinence and practicability of research results, provide a reference for enterprises to develop foreign trade and investment cooperation.(source: the economic daily, reporter: zhu Lin) hot point as 1, trade the early bus | 2022 on April 1, 2, enjoy the Friday, dubai world expo 23 “the most beautiful pavilion collective show!”China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) released the 2021 Global Trade Friction Index report